Women Travel Alone in Egypt

Women travelling alone to Egypt, Woman traveling solo in Egypt

Is it safe for women traveling alone in Egypt? Learn more about our exciting singles travel in Egypt with our professional staff.

Tourism is one of the main sources of  income in Egypt, the Egyptian people are used to  tourists women or men since ancient times. Women Travel Alone in Egypt
Egypt is a safe country that women can travel alone in Egypt without any kind of concerns, you would feel more safe than walking in many European cities.

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Egypt Last Minute gives you 10 tips for women travel alone:

1. Don’t let anyone escort you at any place that you do not know him or her, you have to be aware and do not trust anyone you do not know him or her.

2. Don’t let the taxi driver to drive more people with you on the taxi.

3. Don’t show to someone that you are afraid.

4. Do not make any eye contact to men and do not smile to the men.

5. Try to walk with a purpose. Before you walk to any place you have to know exactly where you are going.

6. To be on the save side Try to keep men on the street out of your personal space and this will help to protect you from being harassed.

7. If you have any problem or you need any help move direct to the staff of the hotel they are qualified enough to help you.

8. Do not try to be outside your hotel until the late time of the evening.

9. Try to dress long dress in the streets and keep wearing bikinis and shorts on the swimming pool; it will help you to keep yourself to be harassed.

10. Try to make friends with groups of women travelers. They are visiting the same sightseeing you are visiting it.

All tourists to Egypt, female or male, receive a great attention and a friendly deal from the Egyptians; they know the importance of tourism for the economy.
There is no different for single female tourists or groups of women tourists without male.
Egypt last minute gives you these tips only to be safe and to enjoy your time in Egypt and the culture.

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