Egypt safe driving

Egypt safe driving

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism requires tourism companies and drivers to receive training courses on safe driving

Mr Fakhry Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism decided to determine the drivers of vehiclesdriving safety in egypt tourism obtaining the driver a certificate from the Egyptian Center for safe driving – which was created with funding from the Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Tourism – and opened by the minister early this month in 15 May, That belief comes from the Ministry of Tourismhas received all of the importance of drivers of vehicles for tourism training courses and programs offered by the Center to contribute to raising the efficiency of drivers and therefore reduce the proportion of road accidents that occur because of human errors.Text of the resolution in its first article provides that the corporate sector and tourist shops to notify the Egyptian Center for the safe driving of all the drivers of tourist vehicles registered at the Ministry of Tourism and so is determined by the time schedule necessary to receive motorists tourism training course to be determined by the center and get him on the certificate.

The text of the resolution to be bound by firms and tourism transport tourism notify the center and the corporate sector ministry and the Chamber of tourism companies of all drivers of vehicles tourism has, including a statement of total number of drivers registered the company and the force necessary to keep it at a minimum the company for the operation of vehicles, as well as the number the candidate receiving the training program during the week one for one year from the effective date of this decision so as to enable the said position of the preparation of a plan and timetable to ensure receiving all drivers travel for training programs within a year of entry into force of this resolution, however, that the Center is committed to providing the corporate sector and the competent chamber of the program timetable set for the training of drivers of tourist vehicles Energy Center and the daily implementation of the training program and find the center of the amendments to enter the time schedule.

The resolution also provides that the corporate sector coordination between the companies and tourist center to dispatch drivers of tourist vehicles to receive the training program, the center according to the time schedule determined by the Maassa have been introduced by the amendments to be notified of each company separately, including its own timetable, as amended.

The resolution emphasized that companies need to respond to the tourist contents of the timetable determined by the center’s will by sending motorists to receive the tourism training program according to the rules and regulations set by the center.

And decision-making group of the penalties and sanctions that will apply in the event of any violation of the driver or the company in this regard and that without prejudice to any penalty or sanctions or other measures stipulated in the laws and ministerial decrees the former; where the text that will omit the name of the driver’s registered records of the Ministry If it is proven failure without reasonable excuse to attend the training course offered by the center according to the timetable of the company of them, are also revoke the license of the car as a going concern tourist if it is proven its leadership by the driver to resolve its role to receive the training program according to the timetable prepared by the center, which notified the sector concerned and the room competent and the company of her driver’s it, without having received – excuse unacceptable – on the course, and so on to be notified traffic management authorities and the Customs Department Bmvad this cancellation to act in the light about the car and it should not be re-licensing of the vehicle unless the company introduced owner of the car benefit received by all registered drivers training course at the center.
In order that allows the company to apply to the relevant sector of the desire to train all their drivers and the private sector in turn forward it to the center to look into the possibility of responding to the demand of the company.

It should be noted that the plan of operation of the center requires that the starting center as a first stage to train 15 thousand trainees from motorists various tourist in the first year of operation of the center, it is also expected to increase the number of trainees to 30 trainees per year in all training programs to be provided by the center in the coming years.