Egypt in Easter

Easter Holidays in Egypt 

Rates of Egypt hotel occupancy in Easter to 85% 

The tourism market Stressed workers in Egypt, high rates of hotel bookings at rates significantly, bringing the total hotel occupancy to 85 percent this week, indicating the start of recovery in the Egyptian tourism sector despite the political events of the country, particularly with regard to the presidential election and the crisis of “constituent Constitution ”


Easter Holidays in Egypt 

They attributed the high rate of hotel occupancy to the high proportion of Arab tourism inflows, in addition to the festival Easter holidays in Egypt , which falls next Monday, and for sectors of the economy on an official holiday until next Tuesday, and preferably most of the Egyptians spend the holidays in tourist areas, especially in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, Alexandria and Matrouh


The head of the Chamber of travel companies and tourism in the Delta region, Mohamed Al-Abdullah, “The rates of hotel occupancy began moving last week, and saw the tour operators are highly motivated as the rate of bookings by up to 70 percent, not to mention the high rate of Arab tourism inflows significantly Since the beginning of this month, the high temperature in the Arab countries”


Gradual return of Astaqraronvy Abdullah and there was no effect of political events experienced by Egypt’s tourism sector, stressing that the state of stability began to dominate the situation in the sector. He pointed out that the only problem facing the tourism investments and hit the hotel is in the low booking rates by up to 40 percent, compared to prices before the revolution, it is difficult to return prices to what it was easily.


Abdullah pointed out that the hotels that had been part of the laid off employees under the pressure of rationalization of expenditure due to lower revenues during the past year, I started looking for employment compensation lost, but some investors are still reluctant to expand their investments in the tourism and hospitality


Revealed in the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt for the high proportion of Arab tourism inflows, especially Saudi Arabia, which, during the first quarter of this year, compared to the continued decline in rates of foreign tourism. The number of Saudi tourists, who visited Egypt during the first quarter of 2012 about 220 thousand tourists, compared to 111 thousand tourists in the same period of 2011, an increase of about 100 percent


The ministry revealed the high proportion of Arab tourism in general to a record 462 thousand tourists, compared to 269 thousand tourists during the same period last year, an increase of about 71.7 percent of market share that Saudi tourists at a rate of 47.6 percent of the total number of Arab tourists coming to Egypt during this period . The number of tourist nights spent by Arab tourists in Egypt and 3.2 million a night, compared to 2.3 million night in 2011, an increase of 18 percent


Decline in tourism Alojunbahually level of foreign tourism fell by 29.5 percent as the number of foreign tourists to 2.34 million tourists, compared with 3.1 million tourists in 2011, as the number of tourist nights spent by foreigners increased by 14.8 percent down to 10.6 million nights


But according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the number of tourists has declined during the last January by 28.6 percent, bringing the number of tourists to 820 thousand tourists compared to 1,148,000 tourists in January 2011. The number fell by 33.2 percent over the past