The future of tourism in Egypt

the organizers of ITB Berlin major, said that Egypt remains to be tourist destination rich and diverse with a long history, and can not in any way out of the system of international tourism, and what happens from Egypt, from turbulence and unrest just a summer cloud will clears quickly after What stabilize the country as a result of what happened from the democratic transition and you will quickly regain the Egyptian tourism industry standing high among the world’s tourism rising, as the whole the participants to the Conference that the choice of Egypt as guest of honor and a key partner in the ITB Berlin this year 2012 an order confirms the prestige and weight behind the historic among the ranks of tourism in the world.

In his speech, stressed the President of the Federation of German tour operators that tourism a pillar of the German economy, as well as European, and called for tax cuts for all tourism activities in Germany and the rest of the European Union .. And that although the figures for tourism Germany confirms its superiority in 2011, but it is somewhat affected by the economic crisis the European .. ! .. !
For the movement of German tourism abroad, the figures available to us indicate the growth in traffic volume is estimated at 3%, despite the economic crisis and its consequences, the Germans spent more than 63 billion euros on trips to many tourist destinations are at the forefront of those purposes “Spain and Turkey. And meaning so that the demand for German travel and tourism is growing from year to year .. with the observation that there are 5 companies accounted for bookings estimated at 2 billion euros and Homacher well on that tour operators under the e-booking and technology and their applications were not affected, but remain the company exercised its active role in the world of industry and tourism programs varied for those who want entertainment and excursions.

About Egypt, he said the President of the Federation of the organizers of tourism programs German said that despite the turmoil and witnessed by Egypt of political instability following the events of last January and was followed by a shift in the direction the Democratic alluring and attractive to tourists, and our side, we always emphasize that the unrest in Egypt is far from tourist areas It did not feel the tourist, and also support the tourist destination of Egypt and encourage German tourists to travel to Egypt and even intensify flights to it in particular to the Red Sea and South Sinai in the short term and medium to get out of rebounding and start from new again to occupies a prominent place in the ranks of major tourism.

For our part, we see that as a sector tourist time has come for a new start for Egyptian tourism, and we have a competitive advantage and allow us a number of diverse tourism products able to restore the tourist movement from new ..
He said, “Abdelnour,” The idea is confused about the security and stability of Egypt is not the right ones at all, and that the safety and security controls to all parts of the Egyptian state, and that what is happening in Tahrir Square in the capital to Ayaburan stability of Egypt .. And that the Egyptian government has put tourism at the forefront of its concerns, regardless of political orientation. Everyone knows how important tourism in the national economy.
And we as a sector to government and private open new markets for Egyptian tourism to attract numbers of new tourists, and we look forward to get to 30 million tourists by the end of the year 2017 .. And we are planning today to set up a new tourism areas able to accommodate the increasing numbers of traffic, especially in the northwest coast of Egypt is our hope and optimism for a prosperous future for the Egyptian tourism after the return of the soul of our country ..