Return of The Antiquities Stolen from Spain to Egypt

The Egyptian embassy in Madrid after two years of communications and legal actions Succeeded to recover the Egyptian antiquities Which was stolen by an international gang in 1999.

the Egyptian Ambassador in Madrid Ayman Zinedine said today that he had learned in September 2010 that the police in Barcelona succeed by confiscation of 8 pieces of Egyptian antiquities, which moved the Egyptian embassy immediately to deal with the subject, and sent an urgent memo to the Spanish government to save the right of the Egyptian Antiquities and know how to exit from the country, then the Egyptian Ambassador visited Barcelona to meet the police leaders and preview the artifacts as the Embassy in coordination with the Supreme Council of Antiquities to dispatch Egyptian experts to Spain for examination and report them adequately.

The Egyptian Ambassador said that the pieces are Pharaonic original, one of the limestone and a private cemetery IMAP Horahd senior staff in the era of the Sixth Dynasty pharaoh was found in the com Khamaseen Saqqara archaeological Giza, inscribed with the hieroglyphic name and titles of the tomb owner is likely to have been smuggled from Egypt in 1999.

And after that the Egyptian embassy became in a series of legal actions and diplomacy with the judicial authorities and executive Spanish based on the UNESCO Convention of 1970 on the prohibition of import, export and transfer of ownership of cultural property illegally and the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which resulted in the receipt of the embassy letter from the Spanish government on Saturday approved the final pieces to hand over the request for the establishment and the proposed timing for delivery.