Egyptian Tourism Minister participates in the Arab Forum for Tourism and Travel in Dubai

Participated Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism, at the opening session of the 19 events of the Forum for the Arab Travel and Tourism (ATM), which is the largest gathering of Arab tourist exhibitions held annually in Dubai land.

Abdel Nour said in his speech at the opening of the conference on the return of confidence in the tourism movement to Egypt to normal this year, especially from the Arab market, where the tourist movement recorded from the Arab market increased significantly during the first quarter of this year amounted to about 62%.
Abdel Nour and reviewed the ministry’s plan in the next stage to attract Arab tourists will be organizing a number of events and art festivals in Cairo with the participation of a group of leading Arab artists in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the home of the Kuwaiti National Works.
Participate in the Forum this year, more than 70 countries and includes the tourism industry and travel tour operators, travel agents, aviation organizations as well as media professionals from all countries.
Involved Abdel Nour on the sidelines of the Forum, at a seminar the World Tourism Organization to be held under the title “the future of tourism in the region of the Middle East and North Africa, and ensure the sustainability of growth in times of challenges,” and deliver a speech review from which the current status of the Egyptian tourism industry and the strategy set by the ministry to support the sector tourism and promotion.Egipt travel
As is also involved in the tourism and hotel investment Arab in Dubai, which is held to coincide with the Arab Forum for Travel & Tourism, to discuss the impact of the Arab Spring on the tourism sector and region of the developments witnessed during the recent period. Borg el arab airport