Egypt, a land where history and legends entwine, invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey. Your trip to Egypt promises an exploration of ancient mysteries, awe-inspiring monuments, and a vibrant culture that transcends time. This is not just a trip; it’s a pilgrimage through the annals of history, a chance to unravel the enigmas of the past, and a voyage through landscapes that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

As you prepare for this virtual exploration of what your trip to Egypt could entail, envision standing in the shadow of the great pyramids of Giza, cruising along the serene Nile, exploring bustling bazaars, and discovering hidden treasures in ancient temples. Egypt is a land where history breathes, where every stone tells a story, and where the past converges with the present in a mesmerizing tapestry.

Recommended Trip To Egypt

4 Days Cairo & Alexandria Trip To Egypt

This 4-day Cairo & Alexandria trip is a blend of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. You’ll witness the grandeur of the ancient pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx in Cairo and then delve into the maritime allure of Alexandria, a city where history meets the sea. Enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free experience with our guided tour, comfortable accommodations, and private transportation View Tour Details

4 Days Cairo & Luxor Trip To Egypt

Our 4-day Cairo & Luxor trip is a captivating blend of historical treasures and cultural immersion. You’ll witness the majesty of the Great Pyramids in Cairo, followed by an exploration of Luxor, known as the “World’s Greatest Open-Air Museum.” This journey offers a hassle-free experience with guided tours, comfortable accommodations, and private transportation View Tour Details

5 Days Cairo Trip To Egypt

Our 5-day Cairo trip is a captivating journey through the vibrant capital of Egypt. You’ll explore the timeless wonders of the pyramids, delve into the historical districts, and savor the local flavors and traditions. This adventure ensures a seamless experience with guided tours, comfortable accommodations, and private transportation View Tour Details

5 Days Cairo & Sharm El Sheikh Trip To Egypt

Experience the best of both worlds in Egypt with our 5-day Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh tour. From the awe-inspiring pyramids and bustling streets of Cairo to the sun-soaked beaches and vibrant coral reefs of Sharm El Sheikh, this thoughtfully designed itinerary offers a unique blend of history, culture, and relaxation. Uncover the advantages of this tour, explore the thrilling highlights, access pricing details, discover inclusions and exclusions, get essential travel tips, and more View Tour Details

6 Days Cairo, Alexandria & Luxor Trip To Egypt

Embark on a magical journey through Egypt with our 6-day Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor tour. From the iconic pyramids of Cairo to the coastal charm of Alexandria and the ancient treasures of Luxor, this meticulously crafted itinerary offers a comprehensive exploration of Egypt’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty View Tour Details

7 Days Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor & Aswan Trip To Egypt

You’ll experience the grandeur of Cairo, the Mediterranean charm of Alexandria, the archaeological treasures of Luxor, and the serene beauty of Aswan along the Nile. This adventure guarantees a seamless experience with expert guides, comfortable accommodations, and private transportation View Tour Details

8 Days Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor & Aswan Trip To Egypt

Embark on an 8-day tour through Egypt’s most iconic destinations, from the bustling metropolis of Cairo to the tranquil beauty of Aswan. With a perfect blend of history, culture, and relaxation, this trip promises a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You’ll explore ancient pyramids, temples, museums, and more, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of our well-planned itinerary View Tour Details

9 Days Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise Trip To Egypt

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Egypt over 9 unforgettable days. This tour takes you from the bustling streets of Cairo to the serene temples of Aswan, offering a perfect blend of history, culture, and leisure. Explore ancient wonders, relax on a luxurious Nile cruise, and uncover the secrets of Alexandria, all with the ease of our well-crafted itinerary View Tour Details

10 Days Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor & Hurghada Trip To Egypt

This 10-day tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the full spectrum of Egypt’s treasures. From the iconic landmarks of Cairo to the timeless allure of Alexandria, the grandeur of Luxor, and the tranquil beauty of Aswan, this journey covers it all. Witness the awe-inspiring Abu Simbel temples and unwind on the pristine beaches of Hurghada. Immerse yourself in Egypt’s history, culture, and natural beauty, all with the comfort of our expertly planned itinerary View Tour Details

11 Days Cairo, Luxor & Desert Safari Trip To Egypt

Embark on an unforgettable 11-day journey through Egypt’s iconic cities and mesmerizing deserts. From the wonders of Cairo to the ancient marvels of Luxor and the thrilling desert safari adventures, this comprehensive tour offers an extraordinary blend of history, culture, and natural beauty View Tour Details

12 Days Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise Trip To Egypt

This 11-day tour is a captivating exploration of Egypt’s diverse landscapes, from the bustling streets of Cairo to the serene temples of Luxor and the awe-inspiring desert landscapes. Experience the best of both worlds as you delve into ancient history and embrace the wilderness. Immerse yourself in Egypt’s rich culture, and savor the thrill of a desert safari, all with the comfort of our expertly planned itinerary View Tour Details

13 Days Cairo, Alexandria, Fayoum & Nile Cruise Trip To Egypt

Uncover the treasures of Egypt on an unforgettable 13-day journey. From the iconic Pyramids of Giza to the historic charm of Alexandria, the natural beauty of Fayoum, and a luxurious Nile cruise, this comprehensive tour offers an in-depth exploration of Egypt’s wonders View Tour Details

14 Days Cairo, Alexandria , Nile Cruise & Sharm El Shiekh Trip To Egypt

This 14-day tour is a comprehensive exploration of Egypt, taking you from the bustling streets of Cairo to the historic charm of Alexandria, the enchanting Nile cruise, and the stunning shores of Sharm El Sheikh. Immerse yourself in Egypt’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty, all while enjoying the comfort of our expertly planned itinerary View Tour Details

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Best Activities In Egypt

Egypt Tours Tips

  • Footwear Comfort: Ensure you wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking and exploring.
  • Local SIM Card: Consider purchasing a local SIM card for convenient and affordable access to mobile data and calls.
  • Currency: Carry some Egyptian pounds as the local currency, which will be widely accepted in most places.
  • Basic Arabic Phrases: Learning a few Arabic phrases like “Shokran” (Thank you) and “Mn Fadlak” (Please) can go a long way in communication and showing respect to the local culture.
  • Culinary Adventures: Don’t miss out on trying traditional Egyptian dishes like Ful and Ta’meya, which are both delicious and a cultural experience.
  • Stay Hydrated: It’s important to stay hydrated, especially during the scorching summer months. Carry a water bottle with you.
  • Weekend Days: Note that the weekend in Egypt is on Friday and Saturday, so plan your activities and visits accordingly.
  • Metro Travel: The Cairo Metro is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to get around the city, so consider using it for transportation.
  • Tour Guide: Having a knowledgeable tour guide can enhance your experience in Egypt, as they can provide insights into the history and culture of the places you visit.

General Highlights

  • Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx: Explore the iconic Pyramids of Giza, including the Great Pyramid, and visit the enigmatic Sphinx nearby.
  • Khan El Khalili Bazaar: Shop for souvenirs and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Old Cairo.
  • Islamic & Coptic Attractions: Experience the rich history and spirituality of Old Cairo by visiting its Islamic and Coptic attractions, including mosques and churches.
  • Luxor’s Majestic Temples & Tombs: Witness the grandeur of Luxor by exploring its magnificent temples like Karnak and Luxor Temple, as well as the Valley of the Kings and Queens.
  • Egyptian Museum: Rediscover Egypt’s fascinating history at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, home to countless ancient artifacts, including Tutankhamun’s treasures.
  • Philae and Abu Simbel Temples: Visit the stunning temples of Philae in Aswan and the colossal Abu Simbel temples, known for their incredible architecture and history.
  • Nile Cruise: Take a picturesque Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan, or the reverse journey, to witness the beauty of the Nile River and explore historical sites along the way.
  • Egyptian Oases: Discover the natural allure of Egyptian oases like Siwa and Bahariya, where you can experience a tranquil desert landscape and unique culture.
  • Red Sea Adventures: Enjoy water activities like swimming, diving, and snorkeling in resort cities along the Red Sea, such as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, known for their beautiful coral reefs and marine life.

Trip To Egypt FAQs

  1. Is Egypt a safe travel destination? Egypt is generally safe for tourists, and millions of visitors travel to Egypt each year without issues. However, it’s essential to stay informed about the local political and security situation and follow any guidance provided by your tour operator or the local authorities. Checking travel advisories from your government can also provide up-to-date information.
  2. What are the must-visit destinations in Egypt? Some of the must-visit destinations in Egypt include Cairo (for the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum), Luxor (for the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple), Aswan (for Philae Temple and the High Dam), and Nile River cruises. You can also explore the Red Sea resorts in cities like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.
  3. What’s the best time to visit Egypt? The best time to visit Egypt is during the cooler months, from October to April, to avoid the extreme summer heat. The weather during this period is more pleasant for exploring historical sites.
  4. Do I need a visa to visit Egypt? Visa requirements for Egypt vary depending on your nationality. Many travelers can obtain a visa on arrival at Egyptian airports, but it’s essential to check the latest visa requirements with the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your home country.
  5. What should I pack for a trip to Egypt? Essentials include comfortable clothing, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, and appropriate clothing for religious or cultural sites. Check the weather for your specific travel dates and pack accordingly.
  6. What currency is used in Egypt? The currency used in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). It’s a good idea to have some local currency for small expenses, but major hotels and businesses in tourist areas often accept US dollars and euros.
  7. Is it safe to drink the tap water in Egypt? It’s generally not recommended to drink tap water in Egypt. Bottled water is readily available and is the safest option for drinking and brushing your teeth.
  8. What languages are spoken in Egypt? Arabic is the official language of Egypt. English is widely spoken in tourist areas, and you’ll find that many signs and menus are available in English as well.
  9. Can I haggle when shopping in Egypt? Bargaining is common in Egypt, especially at local markets (souks) and when shopping for souvenirs. Vendors often expect customers to negotiate prices, so feel free to haggle to get a better deal.
  10. What are the traditional Egyptian dishes I should try? Some traditional Egyptian dishes to try include koshari (a mix of rice, pasta, lentils, and sauces), falafel, shawarma, and various types of grilled meats. Don’t forget to try traditional desserts like baklava and basbousa.
  11. Can I visit the ancient Egyptian temples and tombs? Yes, you can visit many ancient temples and tombs, such as the temples in Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. It’s a fascinating experience to explore these historical sites and learn about Egypt’s rich history.
  12. Do I need a guide to explore Egypt’s historical sites? While not mandatory, having a knowledgeable guide can greatly enhance your experience. Guides can provide historical context and insights, making your visit to historical sites more meaningful.
  13. What are the traditional customs and etiquette in Egypt? It’s important to show respect for local customs and traditions. Dress modestly when visiting religious sites, ask for permission before taking photos of people, and greet locals with courtesy.
  14. Is it customary to tip in Egypt? Tipping is common in Egypt. It’s customary to tip service providers like tour guides, drivers, and restaurant staff. Be prepared to have small denominations of Egyptian Pounds for tipping.
  15. What are the options for transportation in Egypt? Transportation options in Egypt include taxis, buses, domestic flights, and Nile River cruises. Local transportation can vary in quality, so it’s important to plan your transportation in advance.