The Egyptian Minister of Tourism From Berlin

Continued to Minister of Tourism, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour for the second consecutive day series of meetings successful with Germans tour operators were stressed during these meetings on the continuation of joint cooperation between the Ministry and these companies both in terms of programs, publicity joint or stimulate charter flights as well as new proposals to host European soccer teams to receive their training in Egypt during the winter or stimulate the German families to visit Egypt .

During his speech Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour at the press conference the Egyptian presence of a large crowd of representatives of the German media announced that Heliopolis, which united sons to achieve democracy, justice, freedom and respect the privacy of others within the limits of public order is ready to receive tourists, a new spirit filled with optimism and understanding, including provides the appropriate environment for a further influx of tourists to the country and stressing that there are no fears of a visit Egypt at the present time and appealed to the representatives of the press and the media to highlight positive events in the country

Also reviewed Abdel Nour indicators of tourism inflows during 2011, adding that the Egyptian government and the Ministry of Tourism and members of parliament elect new representatives of the tourism sector’s fully aware of the importance of tourism for the national economy will not save money or effort to support and assist this vital sector, who will check his further growth of by continuing to cooperate with major markets exporting tourism and beyond the stage of the competition with tourist countries adjacent to the access to a form of cooperation enables it to open new markets in countries where one of the rising economic powers and encouraging patterns of new tourism such as tourism, sports and adventure tourism and ecotourism, and to overcome obstacles that impede the movement of tourists from any of the countries of the world to Egypt, explaining that he had asked the competent authorities in Egypt in view of the abolition of visas for tourists coming from Arab countries.

and also explained Hisham Zaazou first assistant minister the most important ministry’s efforts to shift towards sustainable tourism and the implementation of the project the green city of Sharm el-Sheikh.