Egyptian Tourism is still in need of government support

Dr. Amr Moussa, a likely candidate for the presidency said that the Egyptian tourism industry is still needed to support by the government and a presidential to start at the prospect of a big match with the elements of Egypt’s tourist and archeological unique and diverse … to occupies rightful place them among the world’s major global tourism industry.

He said Amr Moussa – a likely candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, to be for tourism role is consistent with the nature and the interests of Egypt, stressing the need to have a representative in the Higher Committee for the Constitution to put the ideas that serve this vital sector on which many Egyptians; explaining that his platform depends a new vision for the development of tourism in all its components for their advancement to the horizons and new levels, pointing out that the funding and support, investment and local, Arab and international with the proper management of our tourism is the tourism elements of its program.
He also noted the necessity of the diversity of tourism in the famous places, saying: “My role is marketing everywhere and every stone in Egypt, tourism and development, is well known that we did not take advantage of the tourism industry enough, if we compare Egypt, Italy or Spain than it is dishonest.”

He pointed out that Egypt has reached a high degree of economic decline, social, scientific, health and industrial in the last thirty years; adding that Egypt needs for a rapid process of reconstruction, based on a vision of what ought to be things after 40 years from now.

He noted “Moses” in his speech that “the starting point for the future begin to restore Egyptian, Arab and foreign,” noting that the role of government is not making it more difficult things for people, but facilitated; pointing to the existence of a genuine willingness to invest in Egypt, but only to provide stability as a factor required for any investment, demanding in this regard should shorten the transition period to stimulate the return of investment.

Moussa criticized the intervention of security in people’s lives, saying “the intervention of security in the lives of people came to promotions and appointments and control of livelihoods of people,” adding that the Ministry of internal control in all the details of the lives of the citizens of personal papers, cards and certificates.