Egypt is out of Saudi tourists this summer


Officials noted a significant decline in travel bookings to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, especially in light of recent tensions that have occurred, indicating that the Egyptian hotels are working with only 5% of total capacity during the recent period, and continued in this way will hit the Egyptian economy and exacerbating Ojall.
They pointed out that the other Arab states tourism will this year also a list of options outside of Saudi tourists, depending on the presence of political unrest in countries in or around it, which exacerbated their fears, and develop options other tourist in front of them is the most important European countries.
But the newspaper quoted the officials reaffirmed that some Gulf states will have a share of the Saudi tourists in the summer of this year, given the proximity and offers tourist attractive, and the level of security in comparison to other Arab countries, adding that the issue of security in tourist countries constitute a major concern for tourists in all countries in the world.
The paper quoted Nasser Al-Tayyar, Vice Chairman of Al Tayyar Travel Group, raised in the Saudi stock market currently, that, according to brief him on a travel bookings, Egypt is no longer in the list of options the Saudis in the summer of 2012, due to the worsening political events there, pointing out that the destination this summer focused on the countries of Europe, and America, and Canada.
“We currently do not go to Egypt, citizens living in Saudi Arabia as well as those who have the interests of social and business,” noting that everything in Egypt, including tourism, semi-hold at the moment due to the absence of a government official until now.
Egypt is experiencing since the outbreak of the revolution of January 25 2011 and forcing former President Hosni Mubarak to relinquish power, a state of instability up security in many cases, to the extent of the clashes between demonstrators and security forces, or between demonstrators from different political currents.
The Egyptian-Saudi relations have been strained in recent days, significantly, prompting Riyadh to withdraw its ambassador from Cairo and the closure of its embassy and consulates in the country.
The oldest Egyptian protesters are angry to gather outside the headquarters of the Saudi embassy in Riyadh to protest the arrest of the Egyptian activist lawyer Ahmed Algizawa at the airport in Jeddah, and condemnation for allegedly about sentenced to one year in prison and 20 lashes on charges of abuse of “self-ownership.”
Algizawa was an activist in the field of human rights, work in what is known as “the issue of Egyptians working in Saudi Arabia and who have been subjected to torture,” and one of its issues in the prosecution of the Saudi king in front of the Egyptian judiciary.
On the other hand, said the Egyptian ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Mahmoud Auf, said in a statement last Thursday, said that Saudi authorities had informed him that the lawyer Ahmed Algizawa was arrested at the airport in Jeddah, on charges of smuggling 21 thousand grains of narcotic pills “Canucks”, denying that the reason arrest is the charge of abuse of “self-ownership.” Nile cruises