To save the national economy: tourism, “breathe” policy

Revolution opened January 25 appetite most Egyptians on the exercise of policy, whether by words or actions, and the other in the establishment of competing parties, after removing the obstacles that prevent this.
Because Egypt vacation, Egypt packages, Egypt vacations packages has suffered greatly in recent times as a result of loose security experienced by the country, but it is one of the most important sources of national income has decided some of the workers in cooperation with others to establish a new party called the Party – The Egyptian tourism “Egypt first” designed to protect the national economy as represented by the It has the basic foundation of Egypt luxury tours  We are talking – he says the founders of the party – for about 15% of the total labor force in Egypt and nearly 16 million Egyptian Although the size of this large sector did not represent a political so far no canal to any political current and went all to political conflict, and that is aimed at the party to be this class is the base of the party from which the widening circle of supporters to include the silent majority on the breadth of the land of Egypt, which the vast toil to gain strength while the politicians were busy about their affairs. The purpose of the establishment of the party is to be the political arm of the workers in tourism and the creation of an entity legitimately have a mechanism for the expression of all the partners in the tourism industry of the workers and business owners and tour companies, transport and aviation, as well as 72 industry associated with, in line with in the interests of Upper Egypt, which requires a concerted effort everyone Egypt back to tourism as it was yesterday near, and if there are stops to demand better ratio distribution for the service for the benefit of employees.
The party considered despite the inevitability and legitimacy demand factional and that when conditions improve and return to normal we will be in the early grades to claim those rights and perhaps the organization of these stances, if necessary to support tourism operators to get their legitimate rights legitimately civilized including not disrupt work. Not only this, but its impact will be followed up and reactions and then invested politically to ensure their success in reaching their goals. The party promotes a culture of production, construction and distance from those who represent them to be their personal interests above the interests of their country and to know not only the rights of their personal rights, forgetting that the rights of the nation linked to the performance of their duty first.
– “Political forces”
Party that the Egyptian tourism “Egypt First” under construction also shows its founders is a civilian political party believes in religious freedom, social justice and human rights, traditions and values ​​of genuine Egyptian. And adopts the idea that tourism is a fundamental pillar must be combination of all the political forces and state agencies to protect them and to their development as an option high excellence because of their ability to bring about rapid development in the financial resources of the state and then push the wheel of development projects national in other areas, and that the concept of the party for political office and leadership, like other functions must be subject to financial monitoring and periodic evaluation of performance according to a set of targets prepared in advance and that the benefits and salary commensurate with the nature of the work. And the party seeks to achieve social justice, democracy and equality between citizens and depends on the economy as a means to raise the standard of living and improve the capacity of the country to influence regional and international levels as befits the status of Egypt’s historical and the care with scientific research and create the climate for creativity and change the pattern of education in all areas of a priority as it is the starting point to the future and the basic guarantee to preserve the democratic gains and economic Investing in education and training is of paramount necessity. It is known that any political party, the Union is a group of individuals to work together to achieve a particular public interest in accordance with the principles of private agree upon. And shall have an administrative assistant device and seeks to expand the circle of his supporters among the people. And tourism has always been a mainstay in our economy and still is the only sector which hasEgypt the ability superior to re-cover cash in record time compared to other sectors, which require development and rehabilitation is not only huge investments are currently not available but the longer period of time certainly, tourism in Egypt Party first is the symbol and the beginning of the case the general economy, which is adopted by the party so as to availability of all natural resources and the physical, human, and once the situation stabilizes the political and security back tourism revenues quickly and steadily.
– “Tourism markets”
They have been hit tourism after the revolution of Jan 25 – and speak the words of Khaled Suleiman and cofounder – as a direct result of the absence of security, and the shock was after the elections, where she received tourism stab again launched some trends have helped the media negatively in to send to all the tourist markets, and to choose tourism as a symbol of the national economy comes in terms of the volume of direct tourism employment, which more than 1.5 million people in addition to the investors and owners of shops and restaurants, tourism and personnel transport and aviation and ground services, contractors, suppliers and others. There is, in fact, what could be classified as a class party or even a religious, not be the party is a party only if it can influence the political, economic and social development. Perhaps the most prominent example of this is the British Labour Party, who grew up in the beginning of the confines of the trade union cooperation with the property. The same applies for the parties of the peasants in some Scandinavian countries, which set up peasant associations, and that all the institutions of civil work and in spite of its importance is already present and their impact is limited in very narrow limits, and due to the multiplicity and non-union and overlapping of their activities at least a sense of their effectiveness. More importantly, that all the above organizations do not have the ability to influence the political decision and keep the party organization is capable of changing the political and then economic and social objective through participation in the peaceful transfer of power and monitor the work of the government. It seeks Egypt Party first to consolidate our numerous civil society organizations to broaden the base of the party which represents the channel legitimacy to all demands in the tourism sector and to promote strong and effective for all goals advocated by all coalitions tourism, though the party has taken a tourism symbol of the national economy For all organizations and bodies tourist support and rally around him instead of disintegration.
– “National income”
And the basic principles of the party, says Khaled Suleiman – is the support of tourism is a main source of national income of Egypt and all the institutions and state agencies working on protection and development on an ongoing basis with the establishment of the principle of citizenship as the sole basis for determining the duties and rights of all citizens at home and abroad. And uphold the interests of Upper Egypt in the face of all the issues so as to achieve national development and preserve Egypt’s position as a leader in the international community. And activating the role of youth in promoting the country and build their own future, the party aims to establish a national economy with visions of a renewed ensure equitable distribution of wealth, and promotes the principle of productivity and work to establish a culture of human rights and democratic principles and the intellectual and political pluralism and the rejection of all forms of violence, exclusion and consolidation of civilized behavior and democratic and working to build an economy in line with technological changes and the digital revolution and provide protection for the tourism sector against all forms of disturbances that may arise as a result of political instability or economic or security. With work on the permanent development and continuing to this sector so as to push locomotive human and economic development community as characterized by the tourism sector’s ability to influence positive rapid in all walks of the national economy and consolidate all the national forces, which means believes tourism as a superior economic excellence to work together under the entity legitimately allows forEgypt all seriousness of expression and the ability to change, in fact, tourism and then the economy. And work to become the tourism industry in Egypt is the interface for real and expressive culture of this ancient people and be a real message to the world reflect the civil and modern Egypt and bring them up in the ranks of developed nations. As well as putting the party within the priorities of work to strengthen the role of youth and women in political life and property, ensure citizen access to the right in the food, clothing, housing, treatment and appropriate pension, which respects the humanity and preserves dignity.
From our side we wonder Do you need tourism to the party to defend it? Is it actually succeed in the face of the problems facing this sector is important and vital? Does the idea transmitted to other sectors in the countries? This is to answer it the next few days after the founding of this party and the exercise of his role.