No tourism without flying

What is certain that in the era of Egypt vacation, Egypt packages, Egypt vacations packages millions and the era of the media, the Internet and Face book?  Increasingly important and the health of the initial argument. These millions, which has now reached about one billion tourists roaming the world each year cannot act only through the use of either or vulnerable flags (flags or advertising campaigns or international).
It is certain that the argument the second increasingly important in the case of a country like Egypt tour packages

.Egypt comes to it the international movement the largest aviation especially from European countries, which exports about 75% of the total movement of Egypt coming, and here comes the importance of aviation for tourism in the state such as Egypt, it may be important to a lesser extent in other countries, used car lot in the movement, including such European countries or countries or islands using ships or the sea, but in the case of Egypt, which bordered on ecstasy red, medium and away from the center of gravity in the Egypt export of tourism, to which Europe is becoming increasingly important Aviation Tourism certainly.
I say this to emphasize the importance of mating and cooperation between tourism and aviation, media and the need to exchange ideas, which is investigating interest to all parties, The media is a key player in this case provides insights and presents ideas and provide information to people, and thus contribute to the support of aviation and support tourism.
In this context, the relationship seems tourism is very important aviation relationship, cooperation and understanding between those who needed them, and in the case of Egypt this understanding is a national imperative, regardless of the mutual interest between the parties.
Fortunately, the new government has appointed two new ministers in both the sons of each sector and each knows its problems specifically and accuracy, the first Hisham Zaazou, Minister of Tourism, and the second Samir Imbabi Civil Aviation Minister.
It is also coincidence that all of them concerned with the Minister for a period of his career, the other sector. Vzaazoa was one of important files is asked about charter flights, support and stimulate the means of transmission to Egypt in recent years, and therefore understand the problems of this flight, which is the lifeblood of tourism to Egypt.
While some people imagine that the airline is the normal basis in tourist traffic, it is true to a large extent, despite its importance for tourism. Because the most important n transfer of millions of millions or tourism charter flights, which is transmitted between the countries exporting tourism and between cities and tourist areas in Egypt. As Samir Imbabi Civil Aviation Minister with extensive experience and his manners affable and Alkhdom throughout his life in this sector has worked is the other period of his life in the EgyptAir for Tourism «Karnak» The Msala for the tourism sector, and thus is very close to the tourism sector and before that was all work in different locations in Egypt Air is a strong link to the tourism sector.
So here’s the presence of the two ministers Hisham Zaazou and Samir Imbabi on top of them requires both the cooperation and understanding in order to achieve the national Egypt interest, it is indispensable to the party from the other, and understanding their need for the benefit of both parties.
Hence the number of contacts after Tklifama Bwazzartin confirm that the file of aviation, specifically charter flights must be studied carefully from both sides and support tourism to Egypt Air in its problems and its current crisis is necessary as the National Company, especially in the circumstances faced by the crisis last after falling movement to Egypt since the revolution of January 25 , so by supporting charter flight similar to what is supported from the airlines opposed to the transfer of international tourism to Egypt, or even a regular flight line such as that of Tokyo.
At the same time, the understanding of Egypt Air with the tourism sector and put all its expertise to serve the tourism sector or for the benefit of the parties, must be supported by Egypt Air Tourism and accepted by the need to support the Tourism Egypt Air. Finally We hope «the people of Tourism and Aviation» to see the next stage of further understanding between tourism and aviation for the benefit of the national economy. There is no doubt that Hisham Zaazou Minister of Tourism and Minister Samir Imbabi is capable of flying with the permission of God.
There is no tourism without flying