Tourism supports Luxor Cinema 600 thousand. And events in Luxor and Karnak

Established management festival Luxor Egyptian cinema and Aruban headed Magda Wassef a press conference to announce the final arrangements for the festival which takes place between 17 to 22 Sept. to success as it has worthy Egypt’s reputation internationally, and stresses it is a country of safety and security, and to attract Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions in line with the current developments as art and creativity, tourism is the real bet for the future, the conference was attended by Dr.. Hisham Zaazou, Minister of Tourism, d. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, Mohammed head office sector and deputy culture minister for d. Mohamed Saber Arab Culture Minister, d. Khaled Abdahalil head of cultural production, James Watt, Britain’s ambassador in Cairo, d. Mohamed Kamel Qalyoobi President N. Society for Culture and Arts, Magda Wassef president of the festival and conference hall in Nile Hall Conrad Cairo.
He d. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities on the extent of his happiness to his participation as Minister of Antiquities in support activities of this festival and choose Luxor City held on home soil festival, which is experiencing now stage recovery tourist will finish the establishment of the festival artistic and cultural always and never was sparked Egypt in Luxor theater for many movies, which brought up all of them either, “the conflict in the Egypt friendly” or “Karnak” and others, and therefore this plays a dual role may represent a richer scene year film at the same time is considered positive publicity good as we enjoy the richness of enriched be attractive not be means tourist attraction, which would like to stems forward more and more, and awards minister added effects it in the form of a column grandfather a means Baath solar to be expressing our history, as Minister impact it may decide to establish the opening ceremony of the festival in front of the Temple of Luxor and the closing ceremony in front of the Temple of Karnak activating tourism province of Luxor, and stressed the that the coming period will witness a number of occasions tourist successive starting from Taba via Cairo and even throughout the level in Egypt, including the New Valley region, which has been neglected on the tourist map in Egypt.
As Hisham Zaazou Minister of Tourism was allocated 600 thousand pounds from the ministry’s budget in support of the festival Luxor Egyptian cinema and Aruban because it will bring to Egypt more tourists, and given the West an impression of the state of stability which we live, as he assured everyone that the Egyptian tourism has begun its first steps real towards recovery where rates reached Statistics number of tourists on the rise 5 million and a half million tourists in 2012, an increase of 4.23% on the rates of last year, and stressed that the festival aims to diversity its product tourism to attract a large segment of tourists and private art festivals and film.
Said Mohamed First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture: that he attended on behalf of the minister, who happened to be in pause candles in opera to commemorate the Holocaust, stressing that the ministry is making intensive efforts with the Ministry of Finance to resolve the crisis of culture support of the festival, and we hope to end this problem in a matter of the next few days before the festival, and added that the ministry has contributed 600 thousand pounds in support of, and contributed to publications, and culture palaces teams, and is making a major effort to increase support.
The Magda Wassef president of the festival that included a lot of goals, notably a serious attempt to open new horizons of dialogue of civilizations between Egypt and Europe through the presentation of European films in the festival for the first time in Egypt in order to ensure the establishment of market cinematic art joint Egyptian and European, as well Egypt as display marketing Egyptian films inside theaters European, including longer a genuine breakthrough for Egyptian art toward market production of the global art, in addition to the goal of ultimate is an attempt to extend the technical service film to regional areas Egyptian which deprived them, and added that the most important reasons for choosing the city of Luxor to host the festival that the world considers the most beautiful country in the world and see it as it is the capital of the real world with its civilization and history, and added that the film, which represents Germany “Barbara” participate in the Oscars.
And competitions at the festival said: There main competition, involving 10 films including Egyptian Movie director Yousry Nasrallah “after signed” and displays on 18 before submitting commercially Day, and the competition short and competed 40 movies, and competition special look at cinema English presents the film “Hunting salmon in Yemen, “the Egyptian artist Amr Waked, and the Department of Cinema and outdoor sheds light on a group of old movies.
Said James Watt British Ambassador happiness great keenness management festival honoring British cinema choosing Britain guest of honor of the festival, which is a wonderful opportunity where British cinema with counterparts in Egypt and other countries, praising the importance of choosing the city of Luxor to the festival because of its world-renowned center of capitals reflect the history and tradition and civilization, emphasizing the depth of the Egyptian-British relations in various fields, not just technical hoping for more cooperation in the coming years and the success of the festival this year.