Egyptian tourism gradually regains its activity

Egypt is one of the leading tourist attractions in the world because of its Egypt vacation, Egypt packages, Egypt vacations packages treasures multifaceted, and is considered one of the most important sources of national income of the country.
This said Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou Egyptian tourism is experiencing significant and historic periods after the January 25 revolution and the beginning of a new system based on the consolidation of democracy to hold free presidential elections and before real parliamentary elections, “adding that Egypt would be in a better position in the future.
Egypt’s tourism sector loses $ 27 million a day
Hisham Zaazou described and Tourism Minister of recent events which took place in Egypt in Dahshur Nile Towers Tourism Egyptian, stressing continuity in the work and responsibility in the tourism sector in order to restore the power of the Egyptian tourism Egyptand overcome the effects of those events.
He stressed that he will work to complete the files initiated by the minister, Abdul-Nour, which was the starting point of the Egyptian tourism in the face of the crisis, which passed during the past year and a half and fell because of Egyptian tourism.
He stressed the need to increase cooperation between the public and private sectors under the successive crises that make this cooperation necessary and important and to be stronger and be the language of one sector because the interest in the end and one for the entire Egyptian tourism.
He noted that the sector has lost more than ten billion pounds in 2011, stressing that the new Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou in front of many of the challenges to push Egypt to further progress on the global tourism map.
He explained that there are significant liquidity problem facing the tourism sector in general in addition to the problem of security sector and the loss of more than 40 percent of the labor force, which had to train new workers with the need to include tribesmen in Sinai for training programs.
He explained that it will open new tourist offices in new markets in order to increase traffic refresher with the need to increase financial allocations to activate the new and traditional markets because that period is the most important in increasing activation.
He stressed that he will be organizing official visits to some tourist areas such as Sharm EgyptEl Sheikh and Hurghada because beach tourism represents 85 per cent of global tourism by the World Tourism Organization.
He is being prepared and paper proposals in collaboration with the Federation of Chambers of Tourism on the development of tourism in new areas in Egypt, which must be developed and processed with tourist increase insurance rates for ways to increase tourism.
and praised the significant role that the former Minister of Tourism Mounir Fakhri Abdel-Nour and Aviation Minister Hussein Massoud in the tourism sector, which no one can deny their efforts to restore part of the Egyptian tourism losses.
The Minister of Tourism former Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour for wishes to regain the Egyptian street security and safety excellence them and be next season prosperous Egyptian tourism and return at full strength again, stressing that the award made by the Egyptian EgyptFederation of Chambers of Tourism has come to love exchanged between the sector, where involved in the face of the recent crisis together.
The danger and the great challenge that was facing the tourism sector has been exceeded large part, stressing the ability of the new minister Hisham Zaazou to complete the work in a strong and face the rest of the problems and restore the power of the Egyptian tourism.

He pointed out that he succeeded during his ministry responsibility in ending legal problems suffered by some companies, and successfully re-Nile cruises long that will have a significant positive impact on tourism in Egypt and Upper Egypt, Luxor and Aswan.