Egypt: Some prefer a foreigner.

Remains the issue of foreign labor in Egypt is very vital issue. especially in the hotels and Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions and often getting messages discussing this issue and specifically «general managers of hotels.

Most major international management companies operating in Egypt prefer to set «foreign general manager and often backed companies arguing that stronger royal greater administrative efficiency and staff working a thousand more than their country director in helping Egyptian labor discipline.
But managers the Egyptians deny it and say that it was just only be a bias of foreign management companies and ‘relevance’ sought by hoteliers that their hotel manager foreigner. On the whole pages “Travel and Tourism” This case open for dialogue despite before it for years, but I do not mind re dialogue around today and we begin with this letter:
Mr. Professor. Greetings
I ask you to open a debate on the subject of foreign workers in the tourism sector, particularly in the hotel sector. After growing complaints received by the Ministry of the number of workers in different sectors of being affected because of the use of labor foreign non-licensed and non-qualified to work and get a job that must be provided to the Egyptians, especially as Egypt exceeded the global percentage of 10% and was the Minister of Manpower former had confirmed he would not allow access for foreign workers on work permits in Egypt unless they have expertise does not exist in Egypt and will not give them even in this case permits permanent, but temporary permits minister added that Egypt he may not license the work of a foreigner in the case of the Egyptian who can work under the condition training for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months and there is a need For the facility of this experience with a maximum of 3 years only taking into account the need interest of the country’s economic experience foreign stressing the need commitment facilities, which authorizes them to use experts or technicians foreigners appointed 2 assistants Egyptians and provoke me (and many of the workers in the Hospitality and Tourism field) publishing new appointments news accommodation Egypt, which often appointments well not only in the international chain hotels and local, but also in hotels locally managed by their owners.
I wonder why I did foreign management companies ‘global’ since it began in Egypt in 1959 the management of Nile Hilton Hotel.
Yes Exit Nile Hilton Hotel many hotel experiences and which has led the Egyptian hospitality work during the seventies and eighties, but these experiences now lost either they leave prematurely reached the retirement age.
Then came the company Sheraton made another generation at least efficient for managers Hilton, In the nineties came management companies other which began on inspired bring some general managers of foreign and exclude managers Egyptians, then when they did not find any opposition became directors foreigners are al-Qaeda and the Egypt Egyptians exception and strange hotels business and imposed it is state-owned and managed companies most global managers of foreigners who spend years and years and then be replaced by foreigners also without any objection from the government owning companies, but their request!.
To make matters worse is the entry of the angel Arabs in hotel investment and who were and are still determined to be a general manager foreigners!.
Where activate the law that each foreign director appoints Egyptian Assistant Director to replace him? We do not say which years we have learned that prepare general manager needs from 3 to 5 years after the director of efficient operating in one department.
The simple calculation if there is a 30 to 40 hotels under foreign management was must have more than 100 managers Egyptian past twenty years can manage Egyptian hotels and come out from under their hands like them from the Egyptians, and so on from generation to generation so clear that there is a need to managers foreigners only in minimalistic.
But what did administrations foreign (not absolve from this angel) Director foreign comes to work at least 4 to 5 years and will not get into salaries and privileges it known international we were take him also in the Gulf states, but is set Resident Manager Egyptian often be license manager his name and be only interface in front of the official Yes have a role in administration in some operating requirements normal daily and dealing with official bodies and knows this third and any irregularities or provisions are as Director of Egypt, which in most cases are presented scapegoat in the first offense and be the official, who is ruled out ! How to hold people accountable or even make him director in charge and has no operating strings! How he takes his instructions from General Manager for him all the powers to take decisions, which often do not have any opinion about it?
If honored God and overcome these years he spent Director foreign finds himself did not Egyptbenefit in any development or education of the manager who in good or bad faith puts him in a swamp official bodies and dealing with the problems of labor and trade union and that the administration and foreign parent company decided to appoint Director of another foreign In the case requested that be promoted given some painkillers send training courses under the pretext of developing and increasing knowledge and due enthusiastically trying to prove itself but collide with the fact that the Director-General and the management company is excited to be a general manager Egyptians.
Of course there are great chefs who rivaled one of the Egyptians for many reasons, the first graduates sizes tourism and hotels to work in this profession where all prefer wearing a suit and work in air-conditioning.

 What is the Super experiences that foreign manager comes to this administration (which often comes as his first position as managing director) and always stay one or two of the food and beverage assistants under any foreign manager to exit to the pension or work in local hotels.
Now seeing sales managers and executives overseeing internal and engineers but also aide departments of foreign Unfortunately boast hotel owners and designing their presence through management companies and staying lower and if delay work permits under the pretext that it their investments and are free to manage people who chosen and Egyptians ineligible to run their hotels with the fact that the success of these foreigners come from the success of department managers Egyptians their conduct does not lose sight of course the ability Director «that found» in the management team, but in most cases the team Egyptian walking on his way to prove his success regardless of the Director existing administrative and tumble of these companies ‘global’.
We’re not talking about semi lack managers Egyptians Gulf Hotels (unfortunately you can see job advertisements in these countries, which explicitly states and all the lack of taste that Egyptian nationality undesirable) We are talking about two generations of general managers Egyptians who wronged because preference foreigners after generation employment of graduates of the Nile Hilton, Sheraton.
We want to be given a full opportunity for Egyptians to prove that they are capable of Egyptmanaging BC Egyptian regardless of management or foreign owners.
We just want to provide all the management company «International» plan to prepare general managers and departments Egyptians and be in time limits are accountable if they do not carry out and stop work permits of foreigners if it failed implementation of this plan want activation materials labor law foreigners and applied so that we have generations coming from managers Egyptians.
Hossam El Fiki – hotel management consultant
When Egyptian hotel manager can work in his country
Professor. After greeting noticed in recent years either before or after the revolution of January 2011 the reluctance and refusal companies administration foreign hotels operating in Egypt appoint directors servants to their hotels in Egypt from holders Egyptian nationality and became general manager of foreign is always enjoys this position despite the competence and experience the Director General of Egypt and knowledge of the labor market in Egypt and in some cases be the efficiency of the Director-General a few foreign and despite the presence of many general managers hotels Egyptians working abroad and seeing their competence and experience outstanding.
Can you believe that there is no foreign general manager in Egypt working in the same hotel for nearly 14 years connected (in 1998) so far? Even died and rejects the idea of ​​appointing deputy director-general.