The new Minister of Tourism and The difficult task!

EgyptEgypt vacation, Egypt packages, Egypt vacations packages Today Begins a new phase with a new government, full of hope in a better tomorrow is achieved with safety and security and stability to the people of Egypt.
Without this stability, security, development will not occur and development in Egypt luxury tours in all fields.
In the tourism sector specifically, we can affirm that no tourism without the stability and security.
So I would say that the task of the new Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou will be very difficult if not achieved this stability.
I believe that this stability requires cooperation with a major of all ministries and agencies so that the new minister reflow tourism to Egypt again, tourism is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism and never alone.
That the files are breaking in front of Hisham Zaazou many, but there are a lot of confidence that he is aware of all the files, and then can start to work hard, he is the son the tourism sector, which has become at the helm now, apart from his assistants, and First Assistant to the Minister of Tourism since about 5 years it has been before that as director of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Tourism, and a good relationship with symbols of the tourism sector the whole, and most importantly he has great experience in working tourism field through his work in the Travel Agencies Egyptian and American, and work in the area hotel, especially in the field of marketing, which through which he can develop marketing plans, promotion and advertising campaigns to restore strong international tourist movement to Egypt as soon as possible.
Prior to that which is familiar with all large and small in the tourism sector. It also was a member of many committees and bodies cannot fail to talk about the international dimension of personal Hisham Zaazou, he is an expert and member of the World Tourism Organization, the Council of Tourism and travel the world and has many contributions in their work, and appreciated by experts from international tourism.
It remains to say that Hisham Zaazou (58 years) graduate of Commerce speaks English fluently.
Finally, my Dear Hisham Zaazou new Minister of Tourism. Yes, a difficult task. But I am sure you can be successful, God willing, the tourism sector welcomes you As a one of his sons. And you are the Minister of Technical . Only you have to confirm you are the owner of the vision and decision at the right time not only biased in the public interest, because it is known to you the experience and knowledge. Prior to that, have ethics. It is most important at this time. Everyone appreciates you so.