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Egypt vacation, Egypt packages, Egypt vacations packages  is the most important sources of national income in Egypt and the Egyptian people, accustomed to the presence of tourists in their midst since antiquity. Featuring Egypt abundance of tourist attractions of different types, because of the abundance of temples and Pharaonic Village, which has many of the parables of Pharaonic which has cared for and invested tourist attraction, is also available tourism infrastructure, which includes five-star hotels, tourist villages and tourist agencies and offices of the airline, and is a congestion Tourists
J in general in Cairo, Alexandria and the Red Sea Governorate, Hurghada, Sinai and especially South Sinai in Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab and Nuweiba, where sports sport diving, which attracts tourists from around the world and especially from Germany and Italy a fan of this type of sports, as Egypt is characterized by its proximity to coral rare reefs in the Red Sea and the types of fish for which they held festivals and competitions fishing yacht, which comes to fishing enthusiasts of Egyptians and foreigners.

As Egypt is one of the most prominent tourist countries in the world where the number of Egypt spiritual tours, Egypt meditation holidaysEgypt  more than 9.79 million tourists in 2007. In addition, Egypt was ranked 58 globally among 124 countries in tourism competitiveness index
Tourist attractions in the Greater Cairo area

Pyramids of Giza
Pyramid of Saqqara in Badrasheen
Cairo Tower
Khan el-Khalili, Cairo, Fatimid
Al-Azhar Park
The Pharaonic Village
Hurrian village, where he was manufacturing high-quality handmade carpets and the famous abroad as well as traditional clothing
Pyramids of Giza
Pyramid of Saqqara in Badrasheen
Cairo Tower
Khan el-Khalili, Cairo, Fatimid
Al-Azhar Park
The Pharaonic Village
Hurrian village, where he was manufacturing high-quality handmade carpets and the famous abroad as well as traditional clothing
The Egyptian Museum
Military Museum Citadel.
Mohammed Ali Palace
Wax Museum at Helwan

Tourist attractions in Alexandria

Alexandria is a favorite destination for Egyptians and tourists of Arab nationalities and foreigners alike, particularly in the summer months from June to September, Alexandria, Alexandria librarywhich is experiencing a tourism boom significantly. And it also has several tourist attractions including:

Bey Citadel
Library of Alexandria
Roman Theatre
Excavations com Alhqavp

Alexandria National Museum
Greco-Roman Museum
Royal Jewelry Museum
Alexandria Opera House

Museum of Fine Arts
Mahmoud Said Museum
Institute of Aquaculture in Alexandria
Beaches in Alexandria, Ajmi and Palm Beach (6 October)

There is also the city’s major commercial centers beyond the date of establishment per cent in each:

Green Plaza
Omar Effendi
(Salon Verdi) saloon Green

Zahran Mall
San Stefano Grand Plaza

Deeb Mall
Both involved
Fathallah Mall

Shopping can also be from other areas such as: Mansheya, rue sixes, Abrahamic, Street Cinema Acatih, Cleopatra, Saad Zaghloul Street, Safia Zaghloul Street, Fouad.

The proportion of hotels in Alexandria is less than other cities in Egypt such as Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh and Luxor arrive large numbers of tourists and foreign visitors, but has Egypt the distinct group of hotels such as Hotel Helinan Palestine (Gardens Park), Sofitel Hotel.

 Hotel Four Seasons San Stefano (counting Hotel and Casino San Stefano the old of the most luxurious hotels in Egypt and the city of Alexandria in particular in the first half of the twentieth century and in the fifties, where the aristocracy of Egyptian and foreign celebrities art and politics of the most prominent Mrtade, was demolished old hotel in the nineties after the Egyptian real estate company bought and set up his shop and hotel complex with a large commercial marina particular) are also several branches of the hotels bearing the names of global
To tourist attractions in southern Egypt

In Luxor and Aswan, where Pharaonic temples on the banks of the River Nile, this is done through river trips in the five-star floating structures.
Tourism in the Sinai and the Red Sea

Religious tourism
There are many aspects of tourism in Egypt, including the tourism of a religious nature, which include visiting the sites of connotations or religious significance in the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, for example, multiple places of significance of Egypt’s Islamic mismatch Mosque of Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, peace be upon him in Cairo “where there is grave has his head”, in addition to mosques, historical, such as the mosque of Ibn Tulun and Al-Azhar mosque and the walls of historic Cairo and the Citadel of Saladin, and there are sites of religious significance Christian church of St. Sergius, which resorted to the Holy Family during their recourse to Egypt, the Hanging Church and Monastery of St. Catherine’s Monastery Saint Anthony, founder of monasticism and monastery of Saint Paul in the Red Sea as well as the Monastery of Our Lady Muharraq Monastery Dronka in Assiut and many monasteries and ancient churches innumerable there are also sites of religious significance Jewish in Egypt, such as Mount Moses in Sinai, a synagogue Ben Ezra in ancient Egypt in Cairo where there is next to a deep well of Jews believe that “the mother of the Prophet Moses was in store for the fear of being Pharaoh” and the synagogue Hmaam motto “Heaven’s Gate” and a synagogue in central Cairo Street Hanaba Eliyahu the Prophet Daniel and the synagogue of origin in Alexandria.
Muslim religious shrines

Egypt’s many mosques and mosques historically significant, including the mosque of al-Hakim, as well as mosques, Al al-Bayt, including the Mosque Al-Hussein (p) and Zainab (AS) as there are mosques in other historical, including Rifai mosque, which was buried by members of the royal family, and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, which is a the most important points in the programs organized by the tourist companies.
Christian religious shrines

there are lots of places of Christian history in Egypt, the Hanging Church and monasteries for all Christian denominations such as the Monastery of St. Catherine in South Sinai. Near him is Mount Moussa, who is organizing trips to rise at night until the sunrise from the control over the mountain.