Revolutions not against the Arab tourism to Egypt and Tunisia

It is clear that revolutions spring Arab Islamic produced a stream in the process of winning a majority in Arab parliaments, and in this framework emerged from the statements of some leaders of some of these currents, the people of the tourism hit a lot of fear, because it threatened to impose restrictions on tourism activity .. And other statements that came out of the same currents dissipate these fears in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco are talking about today.
Has confirmed a senior member of the ruling Justice and Development Party, the first Islamic government in Morocco is leading .. That the party would not impose a system morally militants in the country, but he will support the arts that reflect the cultural heritage of Morocco.
Said Mohamed orphan member of the Secretariat of the Party: We are in the Justice and Development do not care about people’s private life, and it is not our job does not interfere in the beliefs of the people, nor in their actions.
He added, our priority is to improve the social and economic conditions for Moroccans .. However, it must be for the new government policy in this area .. But will not be the morality police, for example, refuted concerns that the victory of the party that can lead to tension on the lines of what happened between Islamists and secularists in Tunisia.
He said with regard to public morals and public morals and public places, there are laws regulating them, but will not force the women to wear hijab, because our religion, a religion of tolerance, so that God Almighty says no compulsion in religion .. There is also a verse that says: I’m not Bmsatr them.
He also said there will be no Police never ethics, will not prevent people from drinking alcohol, because these issues of faith and personal convictions.
The senior officials in the party have criticized the earlier music festivals held in Morocco as pornographic, even though the King Mohammed VI of Morocco to support such activities repeatedly.
The politicians of the ruling Justice and Development told the British singer Elton John gay famous that he is not welcome in Morocco, because his presence on the extent of saying that would tarnish the image of the Kingdom, however, revived John concert attended by thousands of fans Moroccans.
Not focused street protests which have criticized the festivals on the moral side, but on the wages earned by the massive stars such as Shakira and Kanye West in a country that lies quarter of its population below the poverty line.
The orphans have never been against art and culture, but we were always against the waste of public money at festivals, considering that the artists get the huge amounts of money would create a kind of hatred by the poor citizen.
He added that in spite of their argument that these festivals are not funded from the general budget, but owners of private companies, but no matter what these funds Morocco in the initial benefits of the other .. There are priorities.
But he said we are not against festivals, so keep All the festivals and probably will flourish more .. We are with the festivals that contribute to the advancement of our culture do not squander public money .. Our program is to create a national culture contribute to the consolidation of national identity and historical identity, while respecting the values of beauty and taste, citizenship and public sacrifice.
The statements reassuring similar had emerged from the Islamic Renaissance Movement of winning the parliamentary elections of Tunisia, and the party of freedom and justice, the winner of the first stage of the Egyptian parliamentary elections, after fears in Western circles of the impact of the arrival of Islamist parties to power in the countries of Arab spring on the tourism industry them.
The Moroccan victory party in parliamentary elections last month came after a similar victory achieved by the Islamic party in Tunisia last movement of the Renaissance in the wake of the Arab Spring revolutions in the region .. Which confirmed the movement it does not seek to overthrow the laws guaranteeing the equality of women and men in matters of divorce, marriage and inheritance, was also keen to confirm that it will not cause any pitfalls of economic life in the country’s economy of Western tourists who come to enjoy the sun and sand and drinking alcohol.
The Islamic Renaissance Movement won a majority of seats in the Tunisian parliament has struggled since its victory to calm the fears of the European powers and the secular elite previously had a hand in running the state.
The Secretary-General of the Renaissance Movement Hamadi Jebali, told him that the movement is no intention to interfere in the issue of drinking alcohol and wear open sea, and added that the movement had no intention of also introduce amendments to the banking sector which do not represent Islamic services in which only a very low rate.
The pages of Travel and Tourism spoke last Thursday about the experience of Justice and Development Party in Turkey, which is nowhere near from tourism, and did not restrict, but succeeded in the implementation of campaigns and investments made Turkey into the list of the ten major tourist attraction in the world, it has made about 30 million tourists a year In the past a large concentration of interest in tourism and beach tourism entertainment that is the backbone of tourism in the countries of the world now, which is the basis to support the economy and provide employment opportunities for young people.