Egyptian tourism never die

Munir Fakhri Abdel-Nour, Minister of Tourism  said at the annual meeting of the Assembly of the Chamber of Hotels headed by Kamal Tawfik .. that in spite of the situation experienced by the country, the Egyptian tourism will not die and that he We have to be more optimistic.

Despite all these events will bring tourism this year’s figures was not bad, and that we must continue to exist forums international tourism, stressing the importance of participation this year at ITB Berlin the month of March as Egypt is a country of honor inches this year, said Abdel-Nour, we must work on house in order and improve service levels and not slip into lower prices at the expense of quality, stressing this matter with respect to floating hotels, in particular, especially with the return of the long Nile cruises next year. for more info here:¬†
He said Minister of Tourism, he had already agreed to postpone the contributions of hotels in the activation fee until the end of next June and decided to postpone the application of new hotel specifications for one year from the end of this year.
And approved by the Minister of Tourism on the cancellation of the first article of the Ministerial Decree No. 626 private companies, hotel management at the request of members of the Assembly, which was bound to all hotels contracted with companies turned him, which I think members is unconstitutional because it robs the hotel owners the right to manage their hotels especially small ones, He also promised Abdel nour that discuss with stakeholders the problems facing hotels with civil protection duties exploitation of water, security, etc., as approved Abdel Nour to fund emergency room use outcome in compensation Hotels in cases of crisis, and promised to study the reduction of license fees and renewal of the hotel category stars and two stars and three stars. published by:  Alexandria airport