The return of security is necessary for the return of tourism

Who thinks that tourism can live or grow and thrive without tranquility, security and stability shall be a sinner
Tourism is not without the stability and the end of violence and unrest and tension …

Peace and stability are the backbone of the tourism .. No one is moving from his home in the world intending to leave and have fun and relax only with the object region, city or beach to enjoy the tranquility, stability and peace .. And never gets close of violence or war or unrest in any way.
This is the beginning and the end .. Interval is the word to any country wishing to attract international tourism to shore up its economy and the provision of hard currency and jobs for its citizens .. Therefore find the first decision for any country that respects its citizens in the event of unrest in a country that is evacuating its citizens from tourists this troubled country immediately .. But issued warnings or prohibition not to visit this country.
And what happened in Egypt after the revolution of January 25 proof .. Egypt is the state found itself suddenly without tourists, but was deported all the tourists who are immediately and Egypt lost in the first month of the revolution about one billion dollars willingly .. We are proud Bthoratna and are willing to pay this price in return for reform and the eradication of corruption, in the hope of a better tomorrow and a better future for Egypt.
But if we act now to restore our site on the world tourism map. (Egypt received 14.7 million tourists and achieved a $ 12.5 billion in 2010), this requires first to realize that calm is required or other words, stability and security are required before it was any movement of a promotional or marketing of the invitation to return of tourism to Egypt.
We can imagine that the vigils and the demands and the continuing factional demonstrations are difficult to advocate the return of tourism .. But more than this can not be imagined that what happened in a Cairo Stadium in a game Zamalek and Tunisian African has a negative effect on the return of tourism .. The world today is a global village and a small satellite carrying every moment what is happening in Egypt from the beginning and the end of Tahrir Square Cairo Stadium … And what happened from the view of the existence of security Aaouha never .. Although recognizing the right of peaceful demonstration which could not confiscate the right of the people organized.
From here we say that the return of security and stability must precede the call for the return of tourism because, as I said at the beginning of this article that any tourist can not be risked and travels to the State do not trust a single moment that security is not so strongly, or that some aspects of turbulence controlled and this Matnqlh satellite TV, despite our sense of We said that Egypt is a safe and enjoy the people is able to embrace and care and respect for its visitors.
Important … This long introduction, but it is very important even to not waste money and promotion and marketing efforts that must be carefully considered in light of what is happening in Egypt .. This is not to stand idly .. As I said in previous articles that the areas and the cities of Egypt’s tourism such as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan, far from the tensions witnessed in Cairo, with evidence that states the basic exporting tourism to Egypt lifted the ban on her visit, and also does not have a curfew and here may be to focus activation on these cities .
But also important to know what is happening on the ground or in the markets, the basic exporting tourism to Egypt, led by Russia, Germany, England, Italy and France .. Following the first month of the revolution, some imagined that he could return to what it was .. But the reality is now that the summer months, reservations are still in danger as long as the manifestations of instability and the lack of security exists strongly.
The percentage of works currently exceeding 20% or 25% in the tourist cities, it is true that it has moved from 5% or 10% last month, but the bookings indicate that the improvement in the summer will be great .. But the most serious of this is that prices in the descending or very low prices .. Then you can imagine that the prices week from Russia, Germany, England, Italy and France, not to exceed 300 euros and 500 euros Hotel 4-star and 5 star luxury in Egypt, including the price of the aircraft, which ranges between 300 euros and 350 euros, or that the price of the room at night between 10 euros, or even 15 euros in the best case and breakfast and sometimes the other meal Imagine … These are the prices and to reduce this down!!
May anger the Egyptians of these prices at the time of paying the 500 pounds to 1000 pounds in the night, but that is another issue that is not a field.
It may be useful here to ask a proposal reminded me of him brother Aziz and tourist expert Hossam poet, chairman of a group of companies Blue Sky’s second-largest tourism company in Egypt (Travco initial), which occupies second place in bringing tourism to Egypt, and this proposal might be worth the study, to remove the fee Visa (15 euros) for every tourist wants to increase Egypt and that the visa is granted at the airports in tourist cities for a period of temporary and not 6 months, as happened after the Luxor massacre in 1997. It is possible that these actions contribute in attracting tourism to Egypt again with an emphasis on stability as a prerequisite for the return of tourism.
Experts say that a country like Turkey, which is considered a key competitor to Egypt, do so now and had to cancel the visa fees to citizens of many countries, tourism issued forth from Europe and even in front of some Arab countries .. All this make the jump to Turkey about 30 million tourists last year and enter the list of the major tourist attraction.
Are we in Egypt on such a move and cancel the visa fee as we did before? Will be the saving for the summer season of danger? Will help to raise prices again after the return flow to Egypt again?
It accepted the study proposal and discussion!!
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