policy before Tourism sometimes!

Anyone who imagines that it is easy separation of politics and the economy .. The truth is that they are two sides of one coin .. and the separation between them is almost impossible.
Thus, politics and tourism as the tourism economy in the end is before they are entertaining and instructive continue a human .. Tourism policy is not without .. In the sense that politics sometimes precede tourism .. There can be no tourism without peace and political stability and security.
There are no tourism and Atnmo Atzdahr and, unless there is peace and security .. Tourists can not get out of his house and goes to the State for Tourism before ensuring his safe return to his home in the date specified by .. In the end is going to have fun and entertainment and does not want to expose himself to any risks or surprises.
Why say this? .. Or What is the reason this made? more info here:Egypt.travel
We hasten to answer and say that the occasion last week we went to London with a delegation of men of Egypt tourism and hotels to participate in the work of the London Stock Exchange and known as the World Travel Market, which is the second largest market in the world after the ITB Berlin, Germany .. The debate among all the actors in the tourism sector in Egypt prior to the start of the stock market is trying to research and answer a number of questions including: Are we seeing an improvement in tourist traffic to Egypt in the coming months? Is it still Maspero events have an impact on tourism to Egypt? And what exactly is transmitted by the satellite channels and affect the tourism market in Egypt in general?
The answer to all these questions is very clear since the first day of the London Stock Exchange and strongly confirms what we have said in the first lines .. Politics was her last word in the stock market and talk was all confirms that the revolutions Arab spring, particularly the revolution of January 25, Egyptian cast a shadow on the international tourism to Egypt, and that tourism will not return to normal before the revolution only after stabilization policy Here politics and stability by tourism and the economy!!
Most of this is that all the big companies, foreign tourism slogan was flying after the elections reach an understanding in the face of travel agents and hotels in Egypt .. In the sense that attempts to Egyptian to contract the programs or the movement of tourism in the coming months was met coolly severe foreigners because Matnqlh satellite TV and the media about what is expected to occur in Egypt during the election period to Aatmin tourist but more than that to the attention of the media published what can be done by current Islamic statements against tourism as some of them if he won the Egyptian parliamentary elections next latest kind of anxiety or fear and therefore they want to wait until a clearer picture in Egypt.
Sadly, also in the case that the events of Maspero cast bad or bleak on the tourist traffic to Egypt and discussed by the Western media of some kind of lack of understanding, but sometimes been portrayed by some that the Muslims against the Copts in Egypt and that it is better not to go to Egypt .. So you could say that the events of Maspero wasted a lot of positive momentum created by the January Uprising in favor of tourism.
To such a degree the impact of the events Maspero on tourism and perhaps what happened at the top of the Ministers of Tourism in the world and held by the World Tourism Organization in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange and was attended by 86 and Minister of Tourism in the world and the leaders of the tourism and aviation in the world and among them were Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism in Egypt, the biggest evidence of Manicol Although the summit was the subject of tourism in a time of instability and the talk was the among the ministers about the challenges facing the global tourism but that the ministers were surprised by the Minister of Industry and Tourism in Norway talking about what is happening in the Arab spring and in referring to Egypt and the events of Maspero said that the countries of this region them to help themselves if they want tourism and so that is committed to tolerance and non-discrimination and that their people know that.
This comment was enough to place tension in the session, especially after some sympathy with him .. What was the minister Munir Fakhri Abdel Nour, however, asked to speak and comment heavily on word of Norwegian Minister directed to speak to him, saying that this lack of understanding of what is happening in Egypt and reliance on Matbuth some of the media for sensationalism and exaggeration and that what happened in Egypt can not be translated as understanding the Norwegian Minister and Egypt million square kilometers and is not Tahrir Square only and that Egypt has the civilization of more than 5 thousand years a culture with deep roots in history and fused the many civilizations and that of the most important Maffersth that the Egyptian people is open to the cultures and civilized and non-fanatic and the proof that during the revolution of January 25 did not hurt tourists one, but demonstrators in Tahrir signs welcoming tourists to invite them to not to leave Egypt and called Abdel Nour owners of this opinion to read Egyptian history, which calls for the values ​​of excellence, and democracy and human rights are the values ​​that made for which the revolution in Egypt, and therefore can not be the people of Egypt is tolerant or fanatic !!
Has received words of the Minister of Tourism powerful highly acclaimed from the rest of tourism ministers who in the world across a large number of them after the meeting, refusing to talk about the Norwegian Minister.
He came this dialogue at the top of Tourism Ministers to emphasize strongly that the tourism policy before sometimes .. And that the future of Egyptian tourism in the coming months will depend on the reservations last minute after the outcome of parliamentary elections and that the companies of the World Tourism big Awaiting Machristdt in Egypt politically he which made flying the banner after the elections reach an understanding in the face of all the tourism companies and hotels in Egypt, that we are not ready to send tourists to Egypt only after the political stability that is the way to security and to economic growth and to the tourism boom!! more info here: Borg el arab airport