Turkish model in the Egyptian tourism sector

The Egyptians have chosen moderation method and a way of life .. Instead, they chose this average since the dawn of history, and confirmed that after Islam, most of them to choose the view of Imam Abu Hanifa is the average hard-line guided him to walk on .. Even though some have tried to impose this militancy or extremism or fanaticism in religion on them, they reject that absolutely.
So the Egyptians keep the values ​​of moderation, non-discrimination and tolerance as the lamps light up the Egyptian life in every age and time.
From here I can not imagine ever that the rise of Islamism in Egyptian political life after the results of the first stage of the parliamentary elections could lead to a fundamental change in the social life of Egypt or have a negative impact on Egypt’s relations with countries with which the world, especially in the field of tourism to be exact.
Perhaps there will be positive changes in the political or economic trends and social justice as an inevitable result of the demands of the revolution on January 25, but keeps affect the lives of the Egyptians in moderation is not easily accept the change.
In fact, what happened in this election is only a reflection of the political trends that already exist on the ground since the twenties of the last century, and that the Egyptians living with these currents in harmony and peace. for more info: Egypt.travel
So here’s a campaign of intimidation of the rise of the Islamic movement will not bear fruit .. Egyptians would accept this political transformation in the context of their search for truth and justice, freedom and democracy, but they certainly would reject if they tried to impose militancy and extremism and fanaticism in religion and impose their word to the Egyptians than drag them away from moderation and acceptance of others.
Will not turn Egypt and the Egyptians in the day and night to Afghanistan, will not be governed by the likes of the Taliban, but there could be other models Islamic country like Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia have accepted most of the Egyptians.
In fact, as I see also that the Islamic movement must change our concepts about it, is subject to many of the moderates who put things in perspective and in which many experts and economists who are educated and know exactly how to deal with the reality of contemporary life .. They are, for example in the case such as tourism are fully aware that they are in front of an important economic resource of the state (12.5 billion dollars last year) and the fertile field for the provision of employment opportunities for young people suffering unemployment and do not want to add to the queue of unemployed new figures.
Therefore we must not stop or never afraid of some statements that were strewn here and there on how to deal with the issue of tourism, beaches, wearing swimsuits and drinking alcohol.
In fact, that although these statements may be added, but hit some companies, foreign tourism to panic as we have explained in an article last Thursday, but it came out of this current statements of the other emphasizes rationality in dealing with tourism and in respect of the other Out of respect for religions to implement the words of God to you your religion Crown debt.
Tourism is not prohibited in Islam but that Islam exhorts on tourism, travel and reflection in the ground and in the creation of God as the verse says Say: Travel in the land, and see how He originated creation, the great truth of God.
And our experience in Turkey a good example .. We who see the need to take advantage of the experiences of others .. Turkey is an Islamic state where the governing Justice and Development Party, which came to power since 2002 and is led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Prime Minister .. A political party with an Islamic orientation, but embrace market capitalism and is keen to not use religious slogans in his speech and describes himself as conservative, moderate, and protect secularism.
And like the Turkish party as some like to compare party won freedom, justice, the political arm of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the majority in the parliamentary elections in Egypt, the first phase, followed by light Salafi party.
What concerns me today to put the experience of Turkey Justice and Development Party in front of everyone with regard to dealing with the issue of tourism, so we offer a model for the Islamic party, Islamic state in how to deal with tourism?
In a busy time for the Egyptian political arena speech some of the candidates and leaders belonging to the Islamic trend to impose restrictions on tourism activity and focus on the sanctity of wear bikini swimsuits and drinking wine .. Turkey achieved the Islamic state, ruled by the ruling Justice and Development Islamic-oriented miracle by all standards in the tourism industry.
Because the numbers and statistics believe news of the sender’s speech, it may be better to start with .. The number of tourists who visited Turkey last year 2010 about 29 million tourists, that is approaching (30 million), a figure that would put Turkey among the ten countries in the world of major tourism.
And the previous point, take us to the role of the Turkish government in the rehabilitation and development of the tourism sector which is being handled by the private sector, they are despite the talk about the tendencies of Islamic and provided climate and encouraged initiatives and developed strategies long term to encourage the tourism industry and promote it, and enter on the website of the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey will find that there is a strategy for tourism in Turkey until the year 2023 a forward-looking and put detailed plans aimed at the development of this important industry, but very important for the Turkish economy. News did not move any interference or attempt by the Turkish government to impose restrictions or conditions on the entry of tourists or their behavior, but left the tourism sector organizes its affairs himself and every role is to provide a climate and provide support through the plans, publicity and sponsorship.
The Government is aware that the Turkish tourism sector could be one of the locomotive that pulls the Turkish economy forward, so he has everything he wants for the continued rapid growth.
They also realize that trying to impose their views or personal opinions of religious tendencies have no place in Turkey, given the secular nature of the state which the army to protect him, despite trying the AK Party since his arrival to power in 2002, trimming nails military and reduce its role in public life and political in the country.
But the government of the Justice and Development, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not stop there, it is through an ambitious plan and a smart strategy the Turkish private sector and the government implemented the number of tourists during the period from January 2011 until last October to 28 million and 665 thousand tourists, meaning that the country will exceed the number that achieved during last year by a significant period during the summer, from June to October did not say the number of tourists who visit the country’s 3 million a month, but they arrived in July to 4,000,343 thousand tourists.
Through the attention of government is unprecedented, as well as from the private sector, Turkey has become one of the big players in the industry of tourism and hotel services, which attract not only tourists from all over the world, but also major conferences hosted by the cities of Turkey, especially Ankara and Istanbul, where they are to consider Turkey as a focal point from which to be the Central Asian states and the Middle East.
Because the demand for tourism is a great and continuous, the investment in hotel construction is slower than the required grades in each hotel.
Of course, the increase in hotel occupancy rates have increased by 16% last year, making Turkey the second country in the European list up in terms of occupancy rate, and the return on every available room increased by 20%.
It is enough to demonstrate significant growth in tourism in Turkey and the extent of benefit of the economy, the return to the recent summer months, the flow of hundreds of thousands of Arabs to Turkey to spend their holidays there.
And contributed to the Arab spring revolutions, especially in Egypt and Tunisia in to divert the attention of Arab tourists who spend their summer vacations in Egypt in particular to Turkey.
The Guardian newspaper published at the end of July this year a detailed report stating that Arab tourists especially from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries who prefer to visit Egypt, Syria, went to Turkey.
To encourage this flow of Arab tourism, the Turkish government during the past few years, canceled the visas to their lands for the citizens of Qatar, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan and Syria.
It remains an important aspect of the elements of miracle tourist Turkish namely the significant publicity for the tourism of Turkey in the world, offices are tourist Turkish exist in various parts of the world, and the campaigns, tourism does not stop and advertising, airline and Turkish tourism enterprises and other stations in the main space, and even non-core in many countries in order to increase Turkey’s profile and attract tourists to visit the advertisement very attractive.
A few days ago published a Coca-Cola ad in The Economist British sober entitled Coca-Cola like Turkey, like Coca-Cola, not only the company’s announcement speak for itself, having said that its position in Turkey is among the top 15 centers for the Coca-Cola in the world, touched to invest in Turkey, according to statistics about the task, Turkey is among the fastest economic growth in the world, growth of GDP was 10.2% during the first half of this year after it was 9% last year, and the economy, Turkey is the number (17) in the world, in addition to many other advantages.
In sum, the economic growth as well as tourism in Turkey did not come from vacuum, is a result of great effort from the private sector, and also more importantly, as a result a clear vision of the ruling party has a tendency Muslim, but he understands that what benefits the people is what you should care about, so stop for questioning, intimidation and focused on ways to encourage and support the sectors that could improve the lives of Turkish citizens, particularly the tourism sector. or more info: Alexandria airport