Reports On The Tourism Industry

The latest study has revealed for the Travel and Tourism Council WTTC World revealed that the travel and tourism industry in Britain are nearly five times the size of the auto industry in this country, as the travel and tourism industry provides jobs about the same number of jobs provided by the financial sector. for more info here: Alexandria airport
And the transfer of the Council in a report published the results of research conducted by Oxford Economics, the direct contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP of the United Kingdom has five times the total output achieved by automotive industries in the country, and the largest of the proceeds of industries, chemical manufacturing and mining sector.
The total contribution of tourism and travel in the gross domestic product GDP in the United Kingdom 101 billion pounds in 2011, equivalent to 6.7% of GDP as a whole, and this represents 2.3% of the volume of the automotive industry, and the proportion of 1.9% of the size of the mining industry, and 4 0.1% of the chemical industry.
With the availability of 2.3 million jobs directly and indirectly in the United Kingdom, the travel and tourism industry in the United Kingdom provides a number of jobs about the same as provided by the financial services industry .. The results of the new research also posts the travel and tourism to the GDP the advantage of being much faster than other sectors, where there has been the industry growth rate of 4.1% over the past ten years, a growth rate higher than the speed of growth of the economy in general and other industries included in this study.
And highlighted the results also show that travel and tourism industry is an important source of exports that achieve revenues in the UK, In 2011, exports amounted to visitors total $ 25 billion, a Maimthel 13.2% of the total volume of services exports, and 5.1% of total exports, including goods and services .
And The study compared the effect of spending the travel and tourism to the GDP compared to the economy overall, it is clear that all the 640 thousand pounds (about one million dollars) from the spending of tourism and travel: generate 830 thousand pounds about $ 13 million in GDP, generates 76 thousand pounds of any about U.S. $ 119 A of the total value added in the real estate sector, and generate 18 posts at least compared with 13 function contributes to the financial sector, and 12 function contributes to the telecommunications sector, and 11 function contributes to the auto industry.
Said David Sukosel President and CEO of the World Council for Tourism and Travel WTTC in commenting on these results: These numbers assume great importance, during the past 20 years, conducted the World Council for Tourism and travel several analyzes of global and regional economic impact posed by travel and tourism in general, and now parts of the World Council this research the last to step forward and succeeded in assessing the role of tourism and travel industry in the UK economy compared to other economic sectors, and how it looks also at regional level.
The World Council for Tourism and Travel WTTC is a global body responsible for the study of economic contributions and social development of tourism and travel industry, which supports the overall growth in the industry, as well as work with government institutions and international in order to provide employment opportunities and increase the volume of exports in this sector, and thus achieve economic prosperity.
It is noted that in 2011 managed to travel and tourism sector in the provision of 255 million jobs on the international level. published by Safaga port