Experts:Tourism River will not be cut off from Luxor

Many described from tourism experts in Luxor tourism sector as a driver of development and the need of the necessities of Egypt tour packages, Egypt packages

,stressing that he always be tourism victim of global events on subsequent crisis of terrorism and lawlessness, banditry and transportation and protests categorical, where that seemed reeling and almost cry out of this successive crises that have been affected Luxor as the largest tourist destination in Egypt. Said Dr. Abdalmugod Rajeh lawmaker earlier for Freedom and Justice Party: We know that Luxor is in crisis not experienced any city of Egypt as the most children working in the field of tourism and so it was seeking the first is to look for a way out of this crisis and we strive now to expanded international conference to discuss the tourism crisis and ways revitalization of tourism with the participation of the specialized agencies concerned and academies of science in the field of tourism and experts to make recommendations to save the sector. He said: It was a visit Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic for a shorter message content that the new leadership gives great attention to tourism and we have to look for new ways for the return of tourism and face the challenges ahead. As a student, Ibrahim Suleiman, director of the temples of Karnak need hard work, especially as we enter the winter tourist season working on opening the tourist attractions and new antique temples and tombs of the limelight media attracts tourists of Luxor, Egypt. He stressed Mohammed Jamil director Egyptmajor tour companies and tourist expert on the need for the return of security and safety and to give the state and officials the importance given to the return of stability, stressing that Luxor despite successive crises, the River tourism flows where, though not in the form required but the tourism we have including why God gave us the possibilities they get sick or die The work and the pursuit will return. Either Mohamed Osman Vice President of the Chamber tour companies said that tourism companies made a great effort in the activation process before the crisis and indicators were good for next season, but a crisis of terrorism had a major impact in addition to the security presence zero-in the streets and tourist areas and archaeological But the return of security, safety and stability and work and activation at home and abroad will express the crisis, pointing out that civil society has a big role in the stability and help of the police and army and we will in the coming period to make more of an effort to boost tourism cooperation with all concerned authorities.
For his part, Dr. Ezzat Saad, Governor of Luxor that all security agencies will work in the coming period on the return of stability and prevent chaos that was occurring in the tourist areas, archaeological and remove all encroachments and occupancies law and we are serious about work and strive for the return of tourism and stability in Luxor and the coming period is the period of work.