Security of Egyptian sightseeing is an urgent task

The accident Rafah dire is not the first of the events tragic terrorist to represent an alarm to the need to secure sensitive Egypt luxury tours, Egypt luxury holidays and most importantly secure tourist areas during the coming period, which has become an urgent task at the feast, especially with the attempts of terrorist elements targeting times represent joy especially for the Egyptians, as happened in Rafah as targeted time Breakfast incident which requires that the security agencies need to secure areas where communities and tourist areas with most tour operators ready for processing for the winter season to restore tourism in Egypt.
This comes within the framework of the Declaration and the interior minister for intensified security presence mosques and tourist areas in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism Egyptin the coming period, as confirmed by Hisham Zaazou and Tourism Minister in a press statement that there will be a meeting chaired by Dr. Hesham Kandil, Prime Minister in the presence of the Minister of Interior, Major General Ahmed Gamal El Din and all Conservatives, especially governors tourist cities, after the end of the Eid al-Fitr holiday to discuss the government’s efforts to find quick solutions to the return of tourism to Egypt.

The travel agents need to secure tourist groups in the holiday period and beyond to promote tourism and to prepare for winter season and says Hossam Eldin Mostafa member Federation of Chambers of Tourism Securing tourist areas became important not require any further delay, especially after an accident Rafah painful as exposure tourists to harassment and harassment led to the issuance of the Italian Foreign Ministry warning to its nationals to avoid travel to Sinai, Hurghada and Marsa Alam after cutting the road in Egypt front of Italian tourists coming to the city “Marsa Alam” which calls for intensification of security to send a reassuring message to companies abroad, explaining that the process of insurance in the near term should begin at the feast intensify presence policeman places gatherings and parks either at the public need separate to activate the role of tourist police to be affiliated Tourism salaries high for full-time to protect areas under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism, adding that there is no coordination with tourism companies and should make coordination with them to secure flights and tourist groups, especially in light lawlessness which was subjected to tourist areas and the impact on tourism as a whole.
He says Amari Azim Chief, Division of Tourism companies Cairo Chamber of Commerce and head of a tourism companies that provide tourist areas due to the decision of the Ministry of Interior that back insurance operations as it was because the absence of security greatly affected during the last period due to incidents of theft and bullying affected the tour which requires the application of the law to back security was also pointing out that the tourist areas require insurance to a security plan of the Ministry of the Interior and attention to the traffic movement to secure the tourists on the roads as factors affecting the revitalization of tourist traffic. And demanding the Interior Ministry to intervene quickly to secure the tourist areas and attention to the file of tourism and tourist police without waiting for a disaster, as happened in Rafah, adding that tourism companies now assume the process of securing tourists but not rich on the role of the Ministry of Interior to prepare for winter season and securing domestic flights after stabilizing political situation in Egypt. It is a security standpoint shows Maj. Gen. Hossam Sweilem former director of the Center for Research and Strategic Studies in the armed forces that should not give security to terrorist groups who target times sensitive as time breakfast or time holidays so must attention to secure places with concentrations at the feast and the intensification of insurance because it not unlikely target any tourist area, which the Ministry of Interior is required to take security steps required urgently. Sweilem Brigade shows that there is a difficult task lies with the Interior in the coming period to deploy all of the places that has to be the participation of the armed forces in the insurance operations internally, not only in this festive occasions.
And confirms Maj. Gen. Fouad Allam security expert that President Morsi it to involve the armed forces to secure the interior of the failure to restore the police force yet fully and to intensify efforts to arrest the number of owners of these organizations, which caused the Egypt accident Rafah painful to be subjected to investigations and to identify the most informative for their abilities, their relationships and their potential to enable the devices to deal with them and identify their motives and should not wait for a disaster to intensify the process of new insurance areas.
The task of securing tourist areas have become an urgent task unbearable delay must be the top priority of the government in the coming period, which needs to plan a serious collaboration between the ministries of interior, tourism and the Federation of Chambers tourism with the need for attention to return tourist police in coordination with the tourism companies and insurance tourist groups and solve internal problems as spare roads and traffic crisis, which had a negative impact on the tourism traffic during the last period .