Tourist in Egypt live 6 ages

– With the growing sense of hope in  Egypt vacation, Egypt packages, Egypt vacations packagestomorrow, and punish the blows received by the remnants of the past and the ghosts of terrorism, is looking forward to the Egyptians sunrise revolution to achieve a decent life, and the recovery of the economy. With the return of  Egypt Nile cruises holidays  our country gradually moving attention to the Nile River, which is expected to resume a happy event Nile cruises by floating hotels between Cairo and Aswan after they stopped 15 years.
– In Aswan life returns once again with the start of flights have been stalled since the accident terrorist famous in 1997, which killed dozens of tourists from different nationalities to witness tourism in Egypt recession and the District of continued long to come back after tourist activity except tour long between Aswan and Cairo, which stopped completely after a security decision that has terrorist elements on the shooting randomly on cruise ships and floating hotels that reflect the Nile River.
It was difficult to secure the shores of the waterway of the Nile River in specific areas governorates of Assiut and Qena, Minya, and continued suspension 15 years, and in the bold step taken by the Government, Dr Kamal Ganzoury decision to re-conduct of these trips, which yields materially significant to the owners of floating hotels and talked popular Aswanin the provinces that experienced by the , accompanied by economic recovery and this is what Fakhry Abdelnour adopted and former tourism minister boldly.
The trip Nile cruise in the River Nile from Cairo to Aswan takes 15 days and calls it a tourist companies in their propaganda “Journey of Dreams”, Tourists through this journey curiosities in the River Nile recognize the history of Egypt through the pyramids and the sphinx and the end of the quarries of Aswan granite, which is made of stones larger obelisks and the largest statues and watched the tourist trip Beni Suef, Minya, Assiut and Sohag, which constitutes a museum historically extends to 6 times historical (Pharaonic, Coptic, Greek, and Roman, Islamic and modern), and the pioneers of these trips are a fan of nature, recreation and cultural tourism. These trips are an important economic benefit of tourists is the most spending.
Nasser Saber captain guides in Aswan, says the flights Cairo Aswan across the River Nile is a test of the security and if successful to Egypt a lot, Scripture journalists invited in the first flight will record their observations to the reader and will be writing good publicity for Egypt and call her success with all our hearts.
Mostafa El-Sayed, Aswan Governor says: We promise to celebrate leave the first flight from Aswan after tomorrow, “Thursday” and will celebrate the popularly expressed his delight workers in the tourism sector successfully this trip which will give a good impression in the global tourism market and have a positive impact when marketing tourism to Egypt for the success of these trips which reflects the state of security and stability in Egypt and attracts tourists special quality of the rich.
Walid Ibrahim, Director of running river cruises says: We chose floating hotels with special specifications for the success of such flights because it must be the ship prepared properly to receive tourists staying in the country for 10 nights connected, and must be staff familiar with the needs of tourists from the feeling that they safe journey interspersed Aswan with excellent services and there must be shipped leisure and entertainment facilities to ensure the success of such flights.
The expert tourist Ashraf Mokhtar that the continuation of these trips and success will have economic impacts on the Upper after the State has made intensive efforts during the last six months in raising the efficiency of anchors tourism these provinces, and were rehabilitated Marina Beni Suef and Marina, Marsa Nasser in Sohag and Marina in Assiut with the implementation of environmental requirements and security as these trips tourism product is important to achieve a return physically and nights tourist more.
The expert says tourism Salah Zafer The Marina Memnon tourist will see after tomorrow, “Thursday” to leave the ship “Nile Vaegni” The name means seeing the Nile and the 38 German tourists and a group of writers guides who specialize in first river cruise a long start from Aswan on its way to Cairo Herald for the start of sales of these trips will organize a ceremony at Marsa Memnon to receive tourists pioneers of this journey with flowers and folk groups and flutes municipal mobility channels across television screens Egypt Nile cruiseof the world the joy of Aswan this event, which means the safety of Egypt’s security and recovered movement Nile cruises, and confirms Brigadier Ezzat Abdel police chief of civil protection preparedness Police and civil protection to secure these trips between Aswan and Cairo and secure berths river against the dangers of fire and explosives.
Major General Bakri carpenter assistant minister and director of security Aswan says: Securing trips between Aswan and Luxor is not new, continuous, and the new is to secure these flights from Qena Governorate until Cairo through the provinces of Sohag, Assiut, Minya and Beni Suef is secure under the direct supervision Gen. Ahmed Gamal El Din, Minister of the Interior directly , and involving a system of leaders and police forces Tourism and subject Nile cruises long either in the direction of Aswan Cairo and vice versa to monitor and follow up the effective linking these cruise ships to the wireless network of the Ministry of the Interior and of these trips message to the outside world that Egypt and security fine and that the Egyptian police recovered.