Experts discuss the future of tourism in Egypt

Agreed five Egyptian political parties are «freedom and justice, and the delegation and the middle, and the Egyptians Liberals, and Justice» the need to preserve  Egypt luxury tours, Egypt luxury holidays sector as a first locomotive of economic development, which can solve many of the problems experienced by the Egyptian economy in the recent period, and that it must Everyone facilitate his starting towards the front. This came during the end of the conference for the future of global tourism organized by the Tourism Investors Association Marsa Alam in the resort of Port Ghalib headed d. Adel Rady the presence of foreign tour operators and international media, to discuss how to get out of the crisis reduced the movement of tourists coming to Egypt and ways to develop the tourism sector in the Red Sea, in addition to seeing the Egyptian political parties on the future of tourism in the coming period.
It is scheduled to be released during the next few days an important document in all languages ​​of the world to reassure tourists coming to Egypt is an ad explicitly about the position of the Egyptian people toward tourism, which is one of the most important tributaries of the national economy, as a major supplier of hard currency in Egypt, as it serves more than 72 different industry and provides millions of employment opportunities.
Announced that Mohamed El Sawy Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Tourism Egyptand the People’s Assembly during the media conference. The conference was attended Gen. Tarek Saad Eddin, head of the executive arm of the Tourism Development Authority, and Elhamy Zayat Prime Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Tourism, and Amr Abdel Ghaffar representative World Tourism Organization, in addition to a large collection of tourism experts in Egypt and the Arab world and foreign representatives of various political parties and tour operators foreigners.
The Conference issued a number of recommendations, including:
1 to achieve the principles of sustainable development through conservation and development of natural resources and unique ecosystems.
2 increase tourism income kidney and targeting tourist segments with the highest income and increase the added value of tourism services.
3 diversify tourism development and the development of cultural tourism and hospital, religious and other, to integrate with the beach leisure tourism, which constitute 85% of the size of the current tourism.
4 shift towards green tourism-friendly environment.
5 support network of roads and tourist transport network to enter speed rail and high speed.
6 balanced spatial distribution of tourism development to promote regional development and growth of the national economy.
7 internal aviation liberalization to promote domestic tourism.
8 support Egypt as a central hub for air transport between Cairo and the world Hubb.
9 support the proposed bridge on the Straits of Tiran between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
10 support the promotion and e-marketing through new legislation.
11 Create a joint committee for tourism cooperation youth parties and NGOs and members of civil society to develop and boost tourism.
12 development of the institutional framework and the Supreme Council of Tourism of the semi-permanent.
13 rationing establishing tourism colleges and hotels nationwide, raising the efficiency of the graduates to intensify practical training for hotels and tourism service.