Egypt has the elements that qualify to be an economic power

the head of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, on the available state that Egypt has many of the ingredients for success where it enjoys natural and human resources that qualify it in order to become an economic power in the region.

He noted that the prospects of cooperation with Egypt are many and various, particularly in the area of investment in infrastructure development for the sector of drinking water, “I know a lot of investors who are willing to manage the dialogue with Egypt on the water sector management and investment in this sector, especially since the city of Cairo, which are packed with 22 million citizens need to develop the infrastructure of this vital sector. ”
He added, in the wake of the presidential election we will have a partner to talk to him, pointing out that he is not useful to be / as revolutions / reduction of aid allocated to the countries of the South at the tips of the Minister of Foreign Affairs or Minister of Finance of this European country or another.
He said Schulz, the agriculture sector is one of the important areas that could be a good base for mutual cooperation between the north and south of the Mediterranean so that you can the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East to achieve self-sufficiency and meet the Sahel entire needs of food, stressing that the development of the south will also contribute to the stop the flow of migrants to European countries on the one hand and within the Arab states themselves on the other hand saluting the residents have been driven from disadvantaged areas to major cities.  more info click here:  Egypt Tours
The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, the new policy is now contained in the agenda of the European Community is that the decisions of the countries of the South will not be taken in the light of what he will say heads of state or senior officials, but according to the submitted expert reports on the ground either by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Economic Development (Doaa) or the International Monetary Fund or the European Union delegations in these countries in order to determine priorities, projects and investments to correct the critical areas that can meet the basic needs of the people and responsive to the aspirations in the life of human dignity.
He added that the EU and that his situation was not encouraging to the economy that in times of crisis have put a package of options and one of the highlights of these options to cooperate with the other side of the Mediterranean.
He stressed that the support of mutual cooperation and closer trade ties in the Mediterranean region is essential for both sides, and added that in the countries of North Africa and Middle East countries are rich countries, but it is unfortunate that the rich people of these countries they deposit their wealth, both in European banks, or in other banks, is why Europe to play a key role in order to contribute to the transfer of these funds that were stolen from the people to invest in these countries, as well as Algeria can invest part of their surpluses from oil revenues to develop infrastructure in cooperation with Europe.
He pointed out that the presidency of the next meeting of the Union of the Mediterranean and the scheduled end of June will be chaired by the High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security in the European Union, Catherine Ashton represented the north, while a South Jordan, with the participation of the European Bank for Investments.
He pointed out that during the meeting will be put to many of the ideas in order to identify areas in which investments can be directed to them and to identify those groups and parties that can be part of the EU to cooperate with them in order to meet the aspirations of the people and the provision of their needs.  published by:  last minute Egypt