World Tourism Organization: Egypt into the club (20) adults for the first time

This harvest of international tourism in 2010, proclaimed by the World Tourism Organization a few days ago, this unique report published pages of Travel & Tourism..

Usual annual harvest in the dissemination of international tourism numbers so we know where we are from the tourist traffic in the world! And the beginning say that at a time when the tourism industry in Egypt, a severe crisis after the events of January 25 revolution … And witnessed by the lack of tourists visit Egypt, the most recent report issued by the World Tourism Organization gives Egypt hope once again that it will exceed the speed of this crisis and back again to achieve high rates of growth in this vital sector and will flow with tourists from around the world again.
Al-Ahram report, obtained a copy of it and publish pages unique to tourism and travel.. The most important thing contained therein confirms that the tourism industry in the world and in the Middle East and Egypt in particular was able last year to regain momentum in 2010 and returned to growth more strongly than everyone was expecting, following the financial crisis that hit the world in 2008 and 2009, but the growth rate exceeded peak times and make the number of tourists who visited the world in 2010 up to 935 million tourists, up 6.7 from 2009.
The peak year in the tourism industry is the 2008, as the number of tourists to 923 million before the global financial crisis broke out at the end of affect in 2009.
As experts say, the index of growth in the tourism industry will remain bullish despite all the obstacles.
For Egypt’s position report said that Egypt was in the center of the (18) in the list of major countries reception for tourists in the world in 2010, and thus interference Club of 20 countries, adult tourists in the world for the first time, and was in recent years between the two centers 20 and 25 in the revenue Egypt was at the center the 22, but in spending on tourism Egyptians came in the center of the 48 globally.
And return to the report, which is called the barometer report.. A report prepared by a group of key experts and professionals in the tourism world and composed of 340 members working for the benefit of the World Tourism Organization, which issued in this report on the status of tourism and travel in the world.  more info click here:  last minute Egypt
The report at hand deals with the situation of tourism in 2010 and offers a full forecast for the current year for tourism.
According to the report, more than 100 countries in the world sent the results of the tourist traffic in 2010, and among this list of countries, the only 16 countries, indicated that they had negative results.. The 84 countries: The tourism sector has achieved high growth rates, and of course there are countries did not send information about tourism in full, so some of the statistics contained in the attached tables is incomplete for this reason.
Based on the information received by the World Tourism Organization, the growth in tourism increased by 6.7%, bringing the number to 935 million tourists, up to 59 million in 2009, an increase of 23 million on 2008.
Experts here is that the World Tourism Organization, the Middle East gave the largest proportion of confidence in the growth of the fastest and highest in the world, where the number of points obtained by the confidence region in 2010 is about 170 points, which is the highest among the regions of the world.
It is certain that after the events and revolutions in the Middle East will bring experts now consider the question of the highest growth of tourism in the region during 2011
As for the year 2010 was the Middle East is the highest growth, where the rate was 14% and came this extraordinary growth after a sharp decline in growth rate in 2009, where growth was negative, and the growth rate was 6% for the continent of Africa, and if the report of the barometer for the year 2010 has focused on the areas The continents of the world, but he did not lose sight of talk about a number of countries that represent fundamental importance in its region or continent.
For example.. The report when discussing the development of tourism in the Middle East, stopping at Egypt, pointing out that it has achieved growth of tourism amounted to 18% in 2010.
He pointed out that Egypt is continuing to focus attention on European tourists, has achieved great success in this area.
The report pointed out that the results achieved by Egypt during the last four months of 2010 are very encouraging since they build on what has been achieved in 2009, but the tour operators have noticed some decline in demand due to the increase of fees to fly in Britain and Germany.
The report pointed out that the growth in tourism has also increased in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Qatar as a result of increased international flights from many of the events and activities organized.
For revenues from tourism, the report of the barometer pointed out that it certainly has increased the revenues in 2009, which amounted to 852 billion dollars with the increasing number of tourists.
The report showed that revenues increased in many countries, including, for example, Singapore 41% Hong Kong 40%, Argentina 28%, Taiwan 27% and India 18%, Egypt 16%, Thailand 16%, China 15%, Indonesia 13% Brazil 12%.
The spending on tourism in 2010, the report pointed out that Russia has increased spending by 26% after the decline of 13% in 2009, as China has increased spending by 17% as well as increased spending Japanese, and there are other countries has increased is the other spending such as Saudi Arabia 28%, South Korea 17%, Hong Kong 12 % and Taiwan 20% and Malaysia 11% Indonesia 15% and Turkey 16%, Argentina 14% and 15% of South Africa, Ukraine and the Philippines 12% 35%
Tourism prospects for 2011
After a year of high growth of tourism, the experts the World Tourism Organization expected continuation of this growth, albeit less frequently during the current year, and if growth in 2010 amounted to about 7%, experts believe that the growth rate in 2011 the whole would be between 4 and 5%, ie slightly higher than the Average long-term growth of tourism in the world.
As for revenues, they are undoubtedly affected by the financial crisis, which is lower in the growth rate of the growth rate of tourists.. This means that the number of tourists has increased by more than increase revenue.
In the Middle East, the experts predicted that the estimated growth rate in 2011 between 7 and 10%, and because these expectations were based on information that has been analyzed over the past year, the experts noted in the report that these expectations were before the outbreak of revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East since the beginning of the year current, which was so far the results step down, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and before him escape Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
The report said: What was accompanied these revolutions, whether in Egypt or Tunisia or what is going on now in Libya and other countries in the Middle East .. Such as Yemen and Syria will have a profound impact on the demand for tourism for many countries in the region and not only those countries directly affected by the events, so these expectations for growth in tourism in the Middle East and North Africa will be adjusted with the latest developments. more info click here:  Egypt Tours