Development of tourism in Egypt

Egypt has the ingredients that make it superior to all countries of the world in the attractions and tops the list of top earners, because we have in our beloved country ecstasy (Mediterranean and Red), and next to the River Nile in Luxor that only one third are the effects of the world. All of this is sufficient to make our beloved country a major destination for tourists of all their requirements in terms that some of them traveling to sail and enjoy the sun and others to see the effects, I believe that we could to raise the number and quality of tourists coming to our country Egypt and this can be done to the availability of the following:

– Evaluation of all hotels by European standards, not Egyptian (it is not reasonable to be sold a hotel in Egypt five-star as a 3 or 4 stars in Europe)
– The Ministry of Tourism Training courses for hotel personnel to be trained at the global level of service (International Standard of Service) so that the hotel guest finds the level of service equal to the evaluation of the hotel (number of stars) for more info click here: Egypt deals

– The hotel room facilities establish minimum prices for hotels by evaluation to distinguish between the five-star hotels and four stars and the three and so on, and any hotel for the price set down lost star
– The Ministry of Tourism courses to improve the level of English is compulsory nominal wage for all workers, including tourism workers and taxi drivers, all dealing with tourists (where it is the official language of international tourism and hotels)
– The purpose of the previous point to avoid comments that come from the tourists on the language of some tourism operators can also be a session or exam mandatory language to permit co-exist and work in the tourist places and dealing with tourists
– The Ministry of Tourism courses compulsory for all tourism operators to explain the art of dealing with tourists to return again to Egypt, and be declared the best for our beloved country and not to deal with tourists on the basis of (I take them and make) as is the case for some
– The search for new markets and not rely only on existing now, that our only focus is on markets, Russian and Italian and German and English, while there are other markets yet to be exploited, such as the Chinese market (I’ve been in the tourism fair in China in April 2008 told me that those interested in statistics on the tourism market Chinese “that in 2006, came out 36 million Chinese tourists around the world and in 2007 came out 41 million” who are on the other hand, when I researched on the Internet on the number of Chinese tourists in Egypt in the years and found that the maximum number is 500 thousand tourists, and the benefits they are visiting China Tourism Archaeological and Navy together, we find that the program includes the same group in several cities of residence and not one city next to their prices higher than other markets already exist
– There are other markets must seek it out and attention to ensure the flow of tourists and not rely on one market only or two

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