Egypt celebrates World Tourism Day

Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions celebrated the World Tourism Day last Thursday night at Al-Azhar Park in the presence of Hisham Zaazou Minister of Tourism.

The Minister of Tourism in a speech at the beginning of the ceremony: This day is celebrated tourist community in the various countries of the world and twenty-seventh of Septembers of each year. This will be held this year under the theme “Tourism and Sustainable Energy??”Egypt
Has chosen the World Tourism Organization this logo to coincide with the celebration of the United Nations year 2012 as the global “Year of Sustainable Energy for All” with the aim of preserving the environment and the eradication of energy poverty. The emphasis on arrival for all.
He came logo World Tourism Day this year to emphasize the importance of energy as one of the key factors that depend on the tourism industry and, of course, is not only tourism that rely mainly on energy, but all axes life. From this standpoint, it has become attention to this matter affair vital and crucial. We all know what this may lead to shortages and we have seen ourselves are living examples of the consequences that result from such a problem, and here we must work to find solutions to this global dilemma to ensure economic sustainability. and thus the progress and well-being of peoples.Egypt
Said Hisham Zaazou: one of the most important objectives of the Ministry of Tourism to achieve sustainable tourism, through which can be accessed to sustainable development in the sector, which involves working on the preservation of the environment and the elimination of all forms of pollution. Something which can be achieved through a number of factors, foremost interest in using new and renewable energy (or so-called clean energy). And conservation of biodiversity and effective management of liquid and solid waste and integrated system to rationalize water consumption.
If we are talking about preserving the environment and its importance to society in general and tourism in particular. Must emphasize an important fact. Namely, that the preservation of the environment has become one of the important factors that help attract tourists to the destination without the other. The eco-tourism are today chip and plenty of tourists. We are proud that Egypt has what it takes and strongly to occupy a privileged position among the purposes for which it enjoys with this type of Egypt vacation, Egypt packages, Egypt vacations packages In this regard, cannot fail to talk about the pilot project sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism to convert a green city. This model is the duty of replicated in the rest of our purposes to Egyptkeep the tourist Environmental Excellence for Egyptian tourist destination which confirms that the Ministry of Tourism has been and still is the author of the initiative in the modern trend of sustainable tourism.
The Minister of Tourism: I cannot fail to mention in this regard that the Ministry of Tourism had already started to take very serious steps to all tourist establishments committed to preserving the environment and made taking into account the environmental requirements prerequisite to obtain tourist facilities necessary licenses. The ministry through its supervisory role would impose strict sanctions on tourist facilities that violate these requirements or the practices harmful to the environment. As well as the programs Egyptprepared by the day before the unit green tourism and targeting energy efficiency in all our tourist offer, as well as the use of gas in vehicles and tourist interaction and cooperation with the Ministry of Environment in the field of natural reserves.
He concluded by inviting the tourism community and other stakeholders to make every effort to develop alternative energy and conservation. It is an important pillar of the tourism industry. More importantly, should work to spread awareness that the environment which includes natural wealth and genes is an inherent right for future generations. And all of us spare no effort in maintaining them so that delivery of this precious Secretariat for future generations.