Austrian expert called wake-up call… For those responsible for tourism in Egypt Wake up..! Pyramids in Egypt… Until now traditional advertising campaigns are still going on!!


In fact, I was surprised by the subject of this letter, especially those related to marketing and activation campaigns and the promotion of Egypt as long as I spoke on this issue, stressing that the ideas are changing and the world is changing and advancing science .. And we must change and not remain prisoners of the traditional ideas.
And always say I have changed ideas of promotion and marketing over time and the evolution of societies.. In the past there was a farming community which people rely in which the exchange of goods, and industrial society, and when people are willing to pay for services or products and the information society, which depends on the technology and the Internet, and finally we live in what is called the era or society dreams which began operations change in the ideas of promotion and marketing to be paying for the unique experience, it requires a passionate community in the world of travel create fun and unique experiences, and must be reflected in the international campaigns until they remain captive to traditional ideas.
On the whole I will move to this message and the ideas and vision for the public benefit.. But I’ll start with these lines that I received from friend Dr. Hazem gift of God.. And which he says:
Brother Professor / ……… Greetings… And after
I have received from an Austrian citizen of Egypt and the fans, who visited Egypt more than thirty times during the past ten years, an e-mail (attached) .. Pays tribute to the terms of Egypt including the love of God patterns unique tourist .. On the other hand it suffers from the manifestations of the negative, which ran rampant during the last three years in the Egyptian tourism sector, where touching the recipe, especially during his recent visit to Egypt, especially as it works in the field of public relations through the Austrian company, which is chaired and working as a consultant in the field of tourism to many countries.
Is attached to you a picture of this letter, where I was asked to view the media outlet is interested in offering specialized topics and such officials and public opinion.
I did not find you the best experience and personal excellence through the pages of Al-Ahram Travel also interested in special interest tourism industry and is keen to promote tourism industry in Egypt, where you offer advice to the authorities to resolve such problems… Sir, the words of a multitude of respect and appreciation
A. D / Hazem gift of God
Vice President of Helwan University and Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels previous

Now to the details of the message without the intervention of the Austrian expert me .. Where he says in the beginning this is an open letter to those who are or who consider themselves responsible for the Egyptian tourism
Holiday in Egypt.. You never know what will get it?!
I am a fan of diving and I love Egypt… Have traveled since 3002 more than thirty times to Egypt to practice my sport beloved  by three or four times each year.
My family has loved the same sports.. My children also became a fan of the sport and that brings us all in our visit to Egypt. more info click here:  Egypt Holidays
Has  led to my love for Egypt to start learning Arabic in order to facilitate the understanding during my stay in Egypt.
In the case of a crisis, especially now in Egypt . It is fortunate for the presence of the Red Sea so that the tourists to visit without being influenced by what goes on in or outside Cairo note that the divers are ready for adventure.
For this reason the tourists visiting Egypt in the past in spite of attacks, bombings and attacks shark, which has increased recently and the contamination of beaches, some oils and problems of airports outside of Cairo, police harassment, and some of the staff and others .. Not to mention the ill-treatment by the tour operators next to corruption and so on.
My family and I visited Egypt in 1102 during the revolution, as well as during the year 2102 we visited Egypt at a time of fear in which our friends from coming to Egypt because of the media and writes in the newspapers.
As for us we have our friends in Egypt and they will tell us the truth about it at the time.
We did not feel in any danger during our presence in Egypt, especially in the areas of the Red Sea during the revolution, even though we hear about some criminal incidents .. But tourists, including us, we did not happen anything.
But do we understand the love of Egypt and others, why the criticism of the many by the presence of tourists in Egypt.. Yes, we know this and why?
The most important and the biggest problem facing tourists in Egypt, you never know what will get it, and as mentioned in one of the Hollywood films of actor Tom Hanks when he said: Life is like a box chocolates you never know what will get them .. (ie, from the outside thing .. In find surprises inside).
Thus the visit to Egypt is like a box chocolates.. You do not actually know what you will get from the service for what they pay large sums of money for your trip.
When you come to Egypt you will discover that.. There are also negative surprises unfortunately; it has increased over the years.
In general. There is a rule content:
If you pay a small amount of services you can expect little .. If paid large sums of your right to wait for services of high.. This is a fair agreement, but now in Egypt, you do not know what will get it.
The sad thing that prices have risen in Egypt during the last three years.. Some hotels even dare to raise their prices after the revolution, believing that it will maintain it on their income in spite of the small number of tourists!
Egypt is no longer a cheap tourist destination next to the high prices of aviation.. Of course there are some cheap deals.
Big problem in Egypt, especially in the Red Sea Hotels.. The great disparity in prices and  service.
For example, you can organize a trip for a family of father, mother and two children for two weeks at $ 0023 euros We have had good experience in the hotel providing excellent service in return for this amount (Mar Soleil hotel in Dar city Coraya me) .. Room nice and clean service trained and gentle clean tables and glasses clean a variety of great food and frolics all the wonderful things that bring happiness and encouraged to visit again.
The same amount in another hotel on the Red Sea (Safaga Plus) in the vicinity of Safaga .. This hotel does not provide more than 01%, which must be made by the services.
The building is not encouraging slow service is trained and is a nice food bad drinks bad plastic cups of food and drink in times of limited despite the announcement of the all-inclusive.. There is no entertainment at all concerts.
Unfortunately, tourists who come for the first time to Egypt believe that all the hotels in Egypt so on.
Will wonder.. Despite all these negatives I still live in this hotel when my visit to Egypt.. Because it  contains the best beach in the diving, including the most beautiful coral reefs… Because I spend most of the time on the diving boards a ship.
Wake up!
I have to the Egyptian Tourism Authority and the competent minister to wake up .. There is much that must be immediately and so that Egypt can regain the confidence of tourists.
I am not talking about propaganda routine.. Everyone knows that there are pyramids in Egypt can be visited.. I am talking here about the ways of science communication and some call it public relations.
Place the standards arrived information to individuals spoke to the media talk about your history and what I use facebook to the old relations.
All with the aim to enter into Dialog .. Helped the tourist who is visiting Egypt for the first time to visit and is happy to  become a permanent visitor scoffed at the market to serve you.
This is not difficult.. Look at Tunisia, Morocco and even Turkey.. All these countries have their problems, but they are keen to explain their problems and confront in order to solve them.
At the same time, we find the Egyptian Tourism Authority in an ongoing campaigns activation routine stereotypes.. They show the pyramids as if no radical change occurs in the Egyptian tourist destinations in recent years without there being some kind of dialogue based on the science of modern tourism.
There are many Egyptian and foreign experts who can provide assistance.. Talked to them look into other tourists Permanent is the best way to publicize Egypt used them abroad as ambassadors to you in their country.
Tourists like to know in advance.. What will get in exchange for what he paid for the trip?
Should get tourists to what is worth what he paid.
Juergen Junejola
This writer, consultant in public relations in Austria, he always visits to Egypt ten years ago plunges plunge into the shores of the Red Sea to Egypt, he traveled more than thirty times won awards in international underwater photography .. (all pictures of Egypt and its beaches). published by:   Egypt deals