Claim for the return of the presidential palace to tourists in Egypt

We are the first who wrote about the need to take advantage of the presidential palaces that used to belong to the presidency and open to Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions

Then we wrote then in the November 2, 2006 and January 31, 2008, and affirmed that the whole world will benefit these places such as Buckingham Palace in London, and the Royal Palace in Madrid, and that he is opening them at high prices for the visit for the benefit of the national economy, and we pointed out that there are some countries develop their existing shortcomings in the programs and sells them to tourists and tourism programs call this shortcoming, which is receiving a demand for history buffs, architects and intellectuals in general.
In recent days we have seen more from the writer speaks of the need to take advantage of these shortcomings, so much so that some students sell them to the private sector or to invest, and we who refuse to this trend, of course, this is the wealth of nation do not have to never go to the private sector, and enough of what happened from some of the experiences of privatization failed in such wealth in previous years.
But we must not stop at this point, we now ask a new vision to deal with this shortcoming, especially after the end of Jean-inventory problem is currently the Ministry of Justice of all inventory deficiencies and check on its contents.
Then has to be forming a committee to study the best advantage, and that is done through the next Parliament so decide first where the headquarters will be the President of the Republic it possible to use one of these palaces or not? .. But in any case should never after the revolution of 52 January that remain all deficiencies hostage in the hands of the President the next, must be utilized for the benefit of the people through tourism, in support Helioplis palace hotelof the national economy, whether these palaces in Cairo or in Alexandria, specifically, what it represents of the value of historical as large as the dome and Abdeen, Cairo, or the head of figs and park in Alexandria, and others, such as some of what was called the President of the Republic breaks.
Here we suggest that you are exploiting these deficiencies in the programs in what is known internationally as the tourism palaces and set high prices for the visit and will accept them tourists, of course, and must be coordination with the Ministry of effects, because it has the other palaces and museums, monuments and museums specialized such as the Museum Muhammad Ali in the castle or the Military Museum or Mohammed Ali Palace Manial, and pour all of these deficiencies in the interest of the Egyptian people.
But there are minors and only between the presidential palaces is that I want to talk about today in an urgent letter to Dr. Kamal Ganzouri the Prime Minister, where the appeal to him to take a crucial decision in this palace, known as the Palace of Arabism or federal in the suburb of Heliopolis, which was taken by former President headquartered to the rule of Egypt over the last thirty years.
The history of this palace says it was built originally on the basis that the hotel under the name of Heliopolis Palace, and has already been used a hotel to be nationalized and the transfer of subservience to the Egyptian General Company for Hotels now known as the company EGOTH, the company that owns all the hotels in the state of historical, such as Marriott Cairo, Aswan, Cataract, and Ontr Balasaloqsr, and of course, is a subsidiary of the Holding Company for Tourism, Hotels and Cinema.. The company has announced EGOTH lease the hotel to the international hotel management company to manage Spanish, but it was to stop this project and the allocation of the hotel to the presidency.
Here we draw the attention of the Ministry of Antiquities to the palace, this hotel must be registered as tracers, where the old road beyond the one hundred years.
So today we call upon Dr Kamal Ganzouri decide to minors to the company EGOTH to be exploited as a hotel again like the rest of the hotels the state, especially as hotel wonderful and contains 400 rooms and 55 apartment or wings of exquisite architectural design nicely and furniture in the style of Louis XIV and XV.
I’d day that defines reader pages Tourism and travel history of this hotel Heliopolis Palace, who was a presidential palaces, and is located in the suburb of Heliopolis, northeast of Cairo, was built as a hotel large in the period from 1908 to 1910 in the desert and was considered one of the largest hotels in the world at that time, The currently known Palace of Arabism. He had opened 1910 under the name Grand Hotel, and was owned by a French company.
It is rare that one of ordinary Egyptians have been known to the presidential palace, or see what its architecture and decorations, as well as presidential palaces up with the other .. Unless this was an important figure or citizen journalists, it was difficult for him to enter the palace.. There are still some Egyptians who lived through the palace when he was a hotel and he hesitated. The hotel hosts international conferences, weddings and honeymoon celebrations and races, and the dining hall at the hotel is the largest in Egypt hotels, each room or lounge in the hotel pronounced Balarach, luxury and large, to the extent that the King of Belgium when he visited the hotel in 1191 shouted, saying: This is great .. When he entered the main hall, along with his entourage.
He has spent the King and his wife Queen Elizabeth, a full month in the hotel, and the queen at the time recovering from typhoid disease.. The Queen has regained her health in a slow, gradual, and was strongly advised doctors Belgians Heliopolis area air dry.
There is another king expressed his deep admiration for the hotel also.. This king was not the throne of a country, it was the king of chocolate in America and the name of Milton S. Hershey and his wife before she passed away in 1915, they invited him to build a hotel modeled on the great Heliopolis Hotel in Cairo.
While he was preparing to build a Hershey hotel in Pennsylvania in the United States, it is make a call to designer hotel and arranged to buy his designs but the cost of designs were too high and went to $ 5 million, then the king give up chocolate for the American idea.
A visitor to Egypt during that period did not believe his eyes on visitors to the hotel, they were great world at that time, such as Emperor John Pierpont Morgan, the money which he considered the greatest hotels in the world.. He said that the Taj Mahal in the desert, relative to the Taj Mahal. The Dome of the hotel a matter of inspiration and admiration of kings and emperors alike money with a height of 55 meters from the ground floor up to the surface.
The development of the interiors of the hotel and taken from the works of the Arabic inscriptions Frenchman Marcel Alexander and Jerry import furniture from mahogany wood of the hotel from London, was also import marble columns from Italy.
After World War II, tourism has become big business and decreased travel time flight and entered the area tourists from the middle class and not from the rich only, and become a floating hotel on the Nile is that attracts tourists, so the hotel has diminished the number of visitors, some even said that it had become a dinosaur Among the hotels because it is no longer able to compete during the sixties of the twentieth century transformed the hotel to the headquarters for many government departments.
In January 1972 became the headquarters of the Federation of Arab Republics (Egypt, Syria and Libya) and bore the name of the Federal Palace.
In the eighties, had been granted the kiss palace hotel new life and he became the presidential residence to rule Egypt