The development of Egyptian historic hotels is national task

A few days ago I read a news story in the newspapers say that the instructions had been issued (do not know who is the entity that issued the instructions) to begin preparation and processing of the presidential palace in Heliopolis, known as the «Palace of the Federal» or Palace «Arabism» to be the seat of the new President expected his election!
I wondered a lot of this news, and wondered: Is it possible that this happens after the revolution of January 25?
Is it logic and reason and interest to return the palace to the Presidency of the Republic must return to Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions  or as a hotel in the historic uses of the purpose for which was created for him by more than 100 years?
Is it possible that the new President seized the historic hotel has 400 rooms and 55 suites and rooms and a huge wasted or lost on the state to use as a hotel wonderful generates income for the country is in dire need to be in the interest of the people, tourism and the economy? Cannot be reasonable or acceptable!
Must return the palace to become the Heliopolis Palace Hotel again . Or, as that was included in the list of hotels in Egypt developed the historical demand (an article last Thursday), which EGOTH owned by a subsidiary of the Holding Company for Tourism, Hotels and Cinema, Ministry of the business sector.
I called on Dr. Kamal Ganzoury and the military council and the state in general to resolve this issue!
I go back to the origin of the story even recognized by the reader, who did not follow our article previously (12 January).
And the origin of the story, The Palace “Federal” or the presidency in Heliopolis originally a hotel and was called “Heliopolis Palace” and the newspapers around the world write about it the most luxurious hotels in the world and it was inaugurated in 1910 under the name of “Grand Hotel” and was run by a French company, a design engineer Belgian “Ernst Khaspar” and the style of Islamic architecture in most of it and had been nationalized and Helioplis palace hotelthe transfer of subservience to the company EGOTH which owns hotels in the state, and in the seventies has been designated the headquarters of the Federation of Arab Republics until the former President Hosni Mubarak issued a republican decree with the beginning of his rule of Egypt by converting it to the headquarters of for the presidency.
This hotel «Heliopolis Palace», which received a lot of stars and kings and heads of the world, surnamed by some as «Taj Mahal» in the desert in relation to the Taj Mahal, India bedroom designs and decor and halls large and marble Italian was a tourist attraction rich of the world to His Excellency the severe to the point that tourism experts called the title dinosaur hotels because it cannot rival another hotel.
I have known and respected hotel in the world to the extent that the English newspapers were published ads for those wishing to travel and tourism to Egypt for this hotel are very special, such as the Declaration annexed with this place, and is the model of what was published in 1928, which explains the Declaration call to spend the winter in Egypt December 15, 1928 to April 15, 1929 elegant hotel in the world with reference to the services and luxury, magnificent scenery and French cuisine, tennis courts, golf and bar all in the U.S., says the Declaration of Heliopolis Palace Hotel.
Is it possible that we underestimate this hotel again after the revolution of January 25?
Is it after all this magnificence, this historic hotel, which exceed 100 years old and is one of the historic palaces, allowing the Egyptian people that the hotel remains the seat of government after the revolution of January 25, despite a lack of alternative?
Must return to the palace this purpose,which was established for him a hotel for the benefit of the people and the tourism and the economy.
What is the most presidential palaces, which serve as headquarters for the next President of the Republic, but this palace.
We have appealed to in our article the former (12 January), Dr. Kamal Ganzoury the Prime Minister to intervene to restore the palace to be used as a hotel and that was before the election of the parliament, and today we reiterate the call to Dr. Ganzoury and the Parliament and the Council of the military, and we hope not to be what we have read a few days ago to begin the preparation of the palace as the seat of the presidency Republic is correct and undo it immediately!
How can God be upon you to seize this hotel again?
It dares to this decision now? To come before the new President may change the situation and find it difficult to implement such a decision! Who knows?!
I imagine that we have after the revolution of January 25 to define the home and one for the rule of Egypt, there is a lack of historical must be opened for tourism and generate income for Egypt, such as Abidin and the dome and the head of figs, such as the developed world (Palace Buckingham in London) and there is a historical failure of the Ministry of Antiquities should be organized visits to the palaces.
The only palace (Heliopolis Palace) must, without hesitation to return a hotel again. Who dares to resolution now? Prohibiting the use of the Heliopolis Palace Hotel seat of government again?
We are in a wait!
It may be logical today as well be talking about another building in Cairo, which is building the National Party overlooking Tahrir Square, it has already been asked by converting it into a hotel, a State if he is fit to the architect or be torn down and build another hotel in this site is important, tourism is Egypt’s need severe with him if possible to keep some of its features or part of it for future generations bear witness to the revolution of Jan. 25.
I have read in recent days that the Ministry of Antiquities demanding the annexation of the building of the Egyptian Museum and the land was owned by the museum. Here we say that the case is not a struggle or not the ownership of one or other of the land. Any issue is not a conflict between the people of tourism and the people of the effects, do not imagine after the construction of Grand Egyptian Museum in the pyramid and given the difficulty of site old museum in the heart of the capital to be included this site or the building to either a building or a garden to join the Museum, but I would imagine that the most useful is to be hotels and perhaps let the Dr. Kamal Ganzoury the Prime Minister to form a committee of experts to resolve this issue in the public interest.
I know that the Prime Minister occupied by other urgent issues, but perhaps the reminder of such issues is also important so as not to waste time to no avail. We are in a race against time to reform the conditions of the country economically, and this is the heart of what we speak or are aiming to. Once a final decision on who dares?
Back of the presidential palace  «federal» Heliopolis to be a new hotel «Heliopolis Palace»?

It decides to transfer the headquarters of the National Party to another hotel you need the Egyptian policy in this site is rare? We are in a wait