The importance of tourism to promote sports in the demand for tourism in Egypt

Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions  is the phenomena of the age, which is derived from the growing need for rest and recreation, the threads of the manifold, both in terms of economic, social, or political, environmental or technological.
They represent for the economic, characteristics of economic activity through the production of goods and tourism services, of sports equipment, entertainment equipment, … etc., transportation services, accommodation, restaurants, activation, etc … entertainment.
As tourism as a social phenomenon, it also holds the attention of the social scientist from the perspective of migration, consumption of time and space, the exchange of values, social relations and acquaintance and retrieval of the labor force.
From the political side, the state intervenes to develop a policy tourist certain to guide and tourism planning, especially in developing countries, given that tourism is the primary resource for the economy, such as: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and here we must recall that the political situation has a close relationship with tourism is that which contributes to or delay in its development.
It is also the ocean environment is the basis of tourism, because the natural conditions are determined by the presence of tourism as a key component to the issue of tourism (the original offer).
And call the growing need for recreation and relaxation request a special type of tourism called tourism recreation or tourism recreation, as the most important factors affecting the demand of individuals on tourism is the practice of sport, which uses a set of relations entertaining and sports, for this, this research addresses the importance of sports activities to benefit of recreational tourism.
First, analysis of demand for tourism:
Tourism a behavior human movement and travel, a phenomenon as old as humanity itself, and therefore difficult to determine the real beginning of it, although the phenomenon had been taken to crystallize a concept economic and social phenomenon with the beginning Pyramidsof the Renaissance in European societies, by virtue of the transformations of agricultural and industrial civilization that I’ve seen this continent and not others of the continents.
Known tourist offer sometimes as tourist attractions, including the total components and data of natural, historical, civilization and cultural rights in a country, as well as infrastructure services and services for tourism infrastructure in that country, and the definition most commonly used in this area, is to represent all items that must be intended to provide places of tourist coasts of real or potential, services and goods, and everything likely to tempt people to visit certain tourist area.
This means that the tourism product is a concrete reality of nature tourism, which produces the natural result of the integration of data and facilities in the tourist site with transportation to the site and in it, so that these elements are combined in nature and the relationship of a prominent characteristic of the site or the country of tourism.
The analysis aims to identify the tourist offer opportunities for tourism development, present and future, on the grounds that is characterized by non-tourist offer flexibility as well as the difficulty of producing goods of alternative tourism, in contrast to the tourist demand.
I-the concept of demand for Egypt tours:
Means the tourism demand over the participation of local people, groups and individuals from other countries in the various tourist activities of a country, and in some other way is the combined total of the numbers of tourists and foreign nationals coming to a particular tourist area.
The advantage of a number of features and benefits including:
– Non-repetition, in the sense that satisfy the needs and desires of the tourist in a place not only push to repeat the visit to the region or state and high flexibility due to its association with motivated self when tourists other self cannot be measured, such as fashion and the weather, as well as the love of knowledge when people push them to expand sites visited by ..
– Demand for tourism is directly linked to the financial capacity of the tourist demand for tourism is affected by levels of economic well-being in the mother country and the state goal, as well as influenced by degree of progress in communication and transportation, as Egypt well as many other factors influenced by cultural and political is difficult in many cases control.
– Affected by the demand for tourism, both at the local level or global climate-tourism year security, economic well-being levels, trends of the local population and foreigners.
II-Factors affecting the demand for tourism:
1 – Population:
The relationship between population and demand for tourism in general is a positive relationship, and may not apply this rule to some countries with high population density, due to the specifications of other population plays an important role in the demand for tourism including,
2 – Age:
The more young people in the community increased the demand for tourism with the stability of other factors, because youth are the forces of physical and rush to a large change and see them, pushing them to tourism, physiological factors have an impact on demand for tourism The following chart shows the effect of age in the demand for tourism:
3 – Gender:
The ratio of male to female ratio in the society, where males are more vibrant and active and love to travel, in addition to the enjoyment of freedom is almost absolute in comparison to females by virtue of the community.
4 – Marital Status:
In other words the proportion of singles in society, because the person unmarried freer and less constrained and responsibility, in addition to factor the costs resulting from family obligations, as it recorded in Algeria dropped considerably in the average age of marriage, who became 29 years old for females and 33 years for males, with a significant reduction in birth rate, life has become the contemporary complex, tourists pay to look for comfort in any place could regain the physical and mental strength.
III-related tourism, recreation and relaxation:
Distinction is made between several overlapping concepts and terms with the concept of tourism, including:
1 – free time:
Defined as the time remaining after the performance of work and sleep, and more precisely is all that is left to the individual time off of work and sleep and spend the basic needs, especially domestic work.
2 – recreation:
Includes all activities that the person exercised during leisure time, excluding overtime, or child care or the performance of homework, as well as all maintenance work on the house, and recreation is divided into two types:
2-1 – recreation near:
Includes two types, representing one relaxation procedure and who are in housing or in the surroundings and do not use the means of transport, but are accessible on foot to the target areas and duration of time ranging mostly between 1-3 hours, and recreation Domestic is happening within the locality and they are used in often the means of transport, ranging from 3-6 hours duration.
2-2 – relaxation term:
And is active in the tourist areas and entertainment outside the population centers, and for a period of not more than one day and less than twenty-four hours.
Here, it must be noted that the concept of leisure time include tourism and recreation in its Egypt last minutedifferent forms, because these species are all based on the principle of exploitation of man by his free time in certain activities, and motivated certain periods of time goes on and shorten as leisure time and by type of activity and purpose.
3 – Travel:
Where is the traveler is a person who moves from one country to another, or from one region to another within the state for various reasons may be a tourist or a tourist.
4 – to visit:
World Tourism Organization defines the visitor, as the person who is visiting a country other than those that reside on a permanent basis, for any reason not to get a job or paid work in the country visited, and includes this definition:
5 – cruise:
Park picnic or student is a temporary visitor, staying less than twenty-four hours in the target country (country of visit), are not included in this definition Msavroa transit even spent some time in the air and sea ports or land-based stations to the host country.
6 – Tourism:
Where the tourist is a visitor to stay for one night at least in the target country (the country of visit), i.e. the duration of the visit not less than twenty-four hours and be for any purposeEgypt except for employment or wage employment.
Secondly, tourism and sports tourism entertainment and recreation:
The overall objective of tourism is to achieve economic benefit and social for all parties involved in the process of tourism development, but this is the strategy to a high degree of importance because it determines the path that must be applied by tourism in a particular area to reach the desired goals, and can limit the importance of alternative tourism in the following aspects:
– Identify the activities and procedures desired.
– Identify the general framework of the policies of tourism development.
– A guide to all relevant tourism development.
– Creating awareness of all the strategies and objectives of tourism.
– To highlight the importance of tourism and the contribution of the tourism sector in the economy and society.
– Find an effective partnership between tourism and other economic sectors.
I-sports tourism sites:
There are many strategies available, feasible and that would enhance access to the objectives of the ruler, with no doubt that Algeria has the potential of a variety of tourist, but nevertheless remains an open question about the type of tourism should be developed and promoted with taking into account the expected demand and objectives ruler.
Where we find the tourism and sports tourism, known entertainment and recreation, and tourism are linked closely to the development and promotion activities targeted to young people especially; many of these tourism activities should be developed in the direction of Egypt Nile cruisethis category, including sports teams and foreign tourists.
Where it comes to tourism, regional tourism hunting, fishing, snorkeling, diving and tourism fun and entertainment, where to give attention to this tourism would participate in open citizen and social integration, and we find sports tourism that contribute to the recreation in several locations, including:
1 – coastal tourism:
The coastal tourism at the international level in most countries base of tourism activity because of the enormous flows bring, as well as economic and financial benefits generated by, it represents 80% of international tourist demand.
And it should form the coastal marine tourism in the long run the foundation stone for the development of tourism in Algeria, and this option a number of conditions imposed and the reasons of objectivity, which include:
A – Activity strong domestic demand during the summer season (three-III).
B – focused annual holidays during the summer season, and not distributed throughout the year, raising the demand for marine tourism in the country during that period.
C – to inform the community living abroad and foreigners to marine tourism.
D – the emergence of priority coastal investment demand through domestic and foreign applications.
As most of the concerns of investors oriented coastal tourism,
2 – desert tourism:
Tourism accounts for desert and paper profitable in the Tourism Development International, a large area which is characterized by the Sahara, it is possible to change the preference to in the absence of interest in optimal forms of other tourist attractions, which could transform this desert tourism to the possibility of tourist attraction turned into poles are important for tourism international (especially Arabs)
The diversity of natural resources, historical and cultural enable the development of tourism exploration and reconnaissance, tourism, cultural and tourism excursions and touring, but nevertheless should be given to sectors associated with this type of tourism such as culture, environment and local communities in order to develop preventive measures for sites of cultural and natural resources and protect the ocean .
3 – Tourism febrile:
The aim of the Tourism baths is a treatment and recovery by going to places of attributes of healing such as mineral water or sulfur or mud baths or sand, which is the cure for many diseases, including bone disease and respiratory diseases, skin diseases, in addition to medical supervision content there.
4 – Cultural Tourism:
Symbolizes the cultural wealth of a country to its identity, through cultural heritage, monuments and museums and all kinds of theater creativity, graphics, festivals as well as Travel to Egyptthe scientific culture.
And the future direction of tourism by prospective studies of the World Tourism Organization confirms that cultural tourism will occupies an important place in the show and, considering the international tourism during the next decade.
Enjoyed by Egypt as a tourist destination diversity of the fields of tourism between tourism conferences and exhibitions, tourism beaches and leisure tourism medical tourism, religious tourism, safari tourism, sports tourism festivals and competitions, the most important archeological or cultural tourism as one of the oldest types of tourism in Egypt, no matter varied types of tourism and possession of Egypt to the elements of many of them, remains the cultural tourism is denominated tourism is repeated or similar, or payable to the competition because it owns Egypt, where there is the third known effects in the whole world next to the presence of many important museums including the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo the richest museums in the world of the pharaonic
Egypt has seen a renaissance tourist real since the eighties, where developed signs of growth of the tourism industry of nearly one million tourists in 1982 to 2.5 million in 1993 and then jumped to more than 5.5 million tourists in 2000, and increased hotel capacity from 18.9 thousand rooms in 1982 to nearly 58 thousand in 1993 and then reached to 117 thousand at the end of June 2001, also contributed to tourism during the past few years in achieving a more balanced spatial development by adding approximately 12 thousand square kilometers, it seized from barren desert to the Egyptian globe.
In addition, became the Egyptian tourism industry locomotive of economic development as one of the most important exports at all, service was or commodity, and is the primary source of national economy of foreign currency by $ 4.5 billion in 2000, also provided the State Treasury by nearly 2.8 billion pounds a year to the tax proceeds and fees that are imposed on courses up to the spending of tourists, this is next to it-intensive industry of employment, which contribute to solving the problem of unemployment especially among young people and university graduates as create room hotel one between 2.7-3 jobs directly and indirectly, and this is not the numbers static, but indications of development of certain .
Egypt has occupied the position worthy of tourist in the light of the advantages enjoyed by the temptations of tourism by:
Integration policy of the State for Tourism with the overall policy of economic development, social and cultural current in Egypt, and clear this integration so as to ensure maximum coordination between the various hardware and continuity in the implementation and to ensure the clarity of the national objectives of tourism development, whether general objectives of economic, social, cultural or environmental
Establish a center for tourist information, according to the latest developments in information technology and communications, including accurate data, occur regularly on all the variables of tourism activity in Egypt, such as tourism products Egyptian of all kinds, hotels, tourist villages and shops public transport companies in tourism, ports and airports and land ports, and the number of The presence of other tourists, this place is a prerequisite for the implementation and development of tourism policy, with the need to have this center is connected to international networks of electronic information, so that it could also serve the tourism activity directly, and in line with recent developments in the international tourism market.
Sports Tourism is one of the important means to promote tourism, giving the tourism fun Egypt safetyand entertainment sought by all peoples, has become sports tourism a very important factor in tourist attractions.
One of the main areas of sports tourism:
Island Equestrian Club, Golf Club, Fishing Club, the Red Sea area clubs, marine sports club in Hurghada, and Sharm el-Sheikh.
Golf Tourism:
Is tourism golf a tourist patterns developed, and is keen Ministry of Tourism on marketing it so out of concern for the diversity of tourism product of Egypt, and add the ingredients to attract a new harmony with all the trends of tourist demand conscious as well as the producer golf tourism addresses the segment distinct from tourists the world with high spending and give tourism Golf in Egypt tourist an opportunity to practice his sport popular in the golf distinct tourist areas such as unique Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

It is important to emphasize the important fact to the effect that cannot be development and modernization of the tourism sector in isolation from the development and modernization of society as a whole, development is a comprehensive community lead to the development of tourism and vice versa as the development of tourism are joining forces with other social and economic activities to achieve comprehensive development that will benefit the all citizens without exception.