Zaazou: Egyptian tourism regain its position

The Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou importance conference German tourism in the area of ​​El Gouna Hurghada because it sheds light on the  Egypt vacation, Egypt packages, Egypt vacations packages  in these important period, which is approaching the beginning of the tourism season German in October, pointing out that the Egyptian tourism poised for takeoff and regain its stature and normal levels quickly.

He in his speech at the opening of the workshop, which involved a number of tour operators Germans and the German press today, “Saturday” welcomed the conference and the participants in the conference, directed thanked the large Red Sea Governor Mahmoud Assem on facilities and facilities in the reception of this conference, also thanked the Director of the Office Tourism Egyptian in Germany Mohammed Jamal for organizing this conference at this sensitive time.
He said that Egyptian tourism experiencing significant and historic periods after the January 25 revolution and the beginning of a new system based on the consolidation of Egyptdemocracy to hold free presidential elections and before real parliamentary elections, pointing out that Egypt will be in a better position in the future.
He added that Germany lived conditions similar to those experienced by Egypt now, explaining that achieving democracy needs a great effort and great sacrifices, pointing out that the Egyptian tourism fell by a large margin after the revolution but returned to approach the previous rates after relative stability in the conditions we expect him improved more in situations with greater stability and security.
He pointed out that the objective of these meetings is to provide an opportunity to listen to the observations of exporting markets for tourism to Egypt in order to improve tourism work and learn how to help the German side to help the Egyptian tourism and increase the number of German tourists in the coming season.
He said: There billion tourists around the world this year, a figure confirms that the tourism industry has become an important worldwide and should be developed to further tourism development in the world, pointing out that the tourism industry is very important for the Egyptian economy to contribute to the economy of and hard currency income and employment.