Turkish tourism official: We hope the situation improves in Egypt as part of the journey to reach us

Routers agency reported in a report from Istanbul, Turkey became an important destination for tourists and Arab investors in the past few years emerged as a regional power in the Middle East under the leadership of the ruling Justice and Development Party, is Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Means a lot of Arabs Istanbul, the capital, the old empire for a wedding wedding, as can the Arabs who are fleeing from the heat of the scorching summer take advantage of the growing sector in Turkey serves the religious Muslims rich accommodation with swimming pools and areas of beach reserved for men and other women do not provide alcohol.
After the troubled Arab spring uprisings sweeping large parts of the Middle East and North African visitors, Turkey relies on the great coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and its heritage to attract more tourists.
He said Besran Ulusoy, chairman of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies Turkish media: Arab spring affect our revenues from tourism
Show data from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, the number of tourists visiting Turkey increased by 41.5% in the first five months of this year, compared to the period from January to May 2010.
Recently, Turkey has made great efforts to improve political and trade relations with its neighbors in the Middle East, but Arab spring disorders cost the Turkish business people billions of dollars in Libya and delayed infrastructure projects in neighboring Syria.
And exceeded the revenues from tourism Turkey $ 25 billion in 2010, and officials expect to achieve larger amounts in 2011, is expected to have income of more than 30 million tourists by the end of the year up from 82.6 million last year.
There are 28 airports in Turkey, 16 international airports, and is home to one of the fastest growing airlines in the continent of Europe in general, a Turkish Airlines, so it became a starting point for other destinations.
Ulusoy said: We want to improve the situation in Egypt and the Arab revolutions spring Jhbad
Escape to Turkey
Turkish tourism official: We hope the situation improves in Egypt as part of the journey Americans to our country
Regard soon, and settle down, because they represent a Turkey holiday with a two-step for American tourists.
Istanbul receives most tourists coming to Turkey, the largest city in Turkey, where the palaces and mosques that belong to the era of the Ottoman Empire, as well as markets, which has a centuries-old, followed by Antalya resort overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Will we learn the lesson ..?
Moroccan immigrants are contributing to the recovery of tourism in their country
While still a large segment of Egyptian expatriates abroad fear go down to Egypt to spend their summer vacations citing the situation of insecurity, and arguing that what they see scenes of horror that Folha private satellite channels Egyptian they see outside, and the perception of them that Egypt has become an arena of civil war, Immigrants made MREs example for a lesson in how to revitalize tourism and national economy in times of crisis, in spite of the Moroccan tourism to the same Atusband Matusbandh Egyptian tourism crises.
The report, told Reuters news agency from the city of Tangier, Morocco’s famous attractions that repatriation has become very easy for the thousands of immigrants coming to the Moroccan port of Tangier average of passengers this summer thanks to the initiative of the Moroccan government.
The report pointed out that the expected return of nearly two million Moroccan immigrant living mostly in Europe to their country of origin in this summer for their holidays and spend the holy month of Ramadan next with relatives and friends, and contribute to the recovery of the Moroccan economy, which depends in a large picture of it on tourism, just as it is the case in Egypt and Tunisia.
And contributes to Moroccans living abroad a vital contribution to the economy of the Kingdom of Morocco, remittances represent between 25 and 45% of the balances of the major banks, foreign currency, thus contributing a large share in the financing of the national economy.
The agency said that in an attempt to reduce the waiting time in ports of Morocco, the government launched a process called hello 2011, on the fifth of June, a process which includes increasing the number of security officers, passports, customs, and to facilitate the procedures for passengers arriving from abroad in large numbers to carry out this national task. more info please click here:    Egypt shore excursions

And get ready port of Tangier Mediterranean to receive 38 words a day on average less than 75 000 passengers and 500 cars.
I commend the Moroccans returning to spend the summer vacation on those responsible for port operations, said Moroccan return from Italy claims Ahmed MAM: I go back to Morocco in order to visit my family and I spend my vacation .. Thank God there are great facilities due to the experience of immigrants who defend the assistance to reach their homes.

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