Egypt Guest of honor at the ITB Berlin 2102 There is no Islamic state placed restrictions on tourism

After efforts continued for about two years succeeded Egyptian Ministry of Tourism in the signing of a contract with the ITB Berlin summit exchanges of tourism in the world to be Egypt’s main partner the guest of honor at the ITB Berlin 2012 in order to achieve Egypt’s significant benefits in the marketing of Egypt tourism in Germany, especially after the drop in demand for tourism to Egypt After the revolution of Jan. 25.
The contract signing ceremony in a large region of the pyramids and witnessed by a group of men and leaders of tourism in Egypt, Germany, represented in the management of ITB Berlin. The celebration was attended by Mahmoud Issa, Minister of Industry, Engineer Hussein Massoud and Civil Aviation Minister, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities and Ali Abdul Rahman Governor of Giza and a large number of leaders of tourism and the media.
Which is no doubt that the contract with the ITB Berlin is the addition of a success of the promotion and marketing of Egyptian tourism in Germany that market very important at the level of international tourism, where the Germans are world champions in tourism is most important more people travel and tourism spending on tourism and has been such a market occupies first place in the export of tourism to Egypt for many years, and currently in third place 1.2 million tourists last year after Russia and England.
Munir Fakhri Abdel-Nour, Minister of Tourism in Ctfaqal that tourism is one of the pillars of the national economy through the provision of jobs and hard currency and in its contribution to the gross domestic product in general (12%).
He said that Egypt’s transition from dictatorship to democracy, we face some problems but everything away from Tahrir Square is not a problem for tourism and that the media is exaggerating events.
The Minister of Tourism that any government of Egypt to come, whether from the Muslim Brotherhood or the Salafi will support the tourism sector particularly important for the national economy and said that there is no Islamic state placed restrictions on tourism there are Turkey (29 million tourists) and Malaysia (23 million tourists) and relies on tourism to tourism beaches in a very large and therefore the return of Egyptian tourism is optimistic power.
The head of the ITB Berlin Christiane Jukka that the German people sympathetic with the Egyptian people after the January Uprising and that Egypt could benefit from their participation in the ITB Berlin as the main sponsor significantly since this exchange involving more than 120 countries and 7 thousands of journalists and more than 600 thousand visitors and more than 100 ministers of tourism in the world All of this is in favor of publicity for Egyptian tourism. more info here:   Egypt shore excursions
He said President Bush Eugn consortium German tourist that Egypt is an important country and a tourist destination is very important for the German people and that tourism will return strongly with the return of security to what it was last year because of the big advantages of Egypt’s tourism.
Said Hossam Nassar, First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture that there is coordination with the Ministry of Tourism to offer models of culture and the arts in the Egyptian Stock Exchange Berlin’s contribution to the revitalization of German tourism to Egypt.

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