Tourism industry before Cars .. but after the banks!

Today we continue to talk about the importance of the contribution of the tourism industry in the global economy.. so we explain this importance to those who do not know .. How should we think of the Egyptians in the reality and the future of this industry?
We had our last Thursday on this page an article entitled Tourism by car, sometimes we explained the results of a recent study conducted by the World Council of Travel and Tourism wttc in cooperation with the Oxford Centre for Economic Studies, England, about the extent of the contribution of the tourism industry in the gross domestic product in Britain and said it was 5 times the contributions to the automotive industry the year the past (101 billion pounds), equivalent to 6.7% of GDP as a whole.
It is important that this article raised the attention of a number of tourism experts who have communicated with us and asked for more details about this study, the contribution of tourism to the gross domestic product in the whole world, not only in Britain.
Here we do today .. Therefore we say that the latest study of the Oxford Center indicate that the size of the contribution of the tourism industry in the world’s GDP last year reached 2011 about 9.1% ahead of the auto industry, which amounted to contribute about 8.5% while came Tourism after the banks that came in the first place and contribute to in world GDP by 11% of any car that tourism before, but after the banks.
And explain the beginning of the study is presented of the Council of the World Travel & Tourism and the Centre of Oxford that there is a difference between contributing to the direct sector, tourism (hotels and tourism facilities) in the global GDP, which is called in English DirectGDP and contribute to the total direct and indirect ie everything related to the tourism industry and complementary industries have such as aviation and other which is called TotalGDP This is intended as a contribution to 9.1% of global GDP because the direct contribution of only 2.8% and we get to the details of the study:
The annual report issued by the World Council of Travel and Tourism under the title of the economic impact of the World Council for Tourism and travel that contribute to overall travel and tourism sector in the global GDP GDP reached in 2011 about 9.1%, equivalent to about $ 6.3 trillion dollars.
It was announced David Skozhel President of the Council that the travel and tourism industry has maintained over the past year I have to be one of the major industries in the world, and it’s in the next ten years will grow by 4% per annum until the year 2022, which represents 10% of world gross domestic product will provide 328 million jobs, which means according to Skozhel say that the function of one out of every ten posts on the face of the earth will be provided by travel and tourism industry.
He added, for the past twenty years has invested the World Council of Travel and Tourism in the process of economic research that sets the assessment of the contribution to the tourism sector in both GDP and employment, this research include the expectations and prophecies for the next ten years is considered unique in terms of information they provide, They also help both governments and private companies in the development of future plans. for more info here:   Egipt travel
The council said in its annual report on the status of tourism and travel industry that is expected to increase the proportion of the contribution of tourism and travel directly to the gross domestic product in the world to 3% in .2012
According to the report: that the direct contribution of tourism and travel industry in the GDP amounted to $ 1.9 trillion, equivalent to 2.8% of world GDP in 2011
It is expected to rise by 2.8% in 2012 and by 4.3% annually to reach $ 9.9 billion in .2022
The report also said in 2011 amounted to contribute to the overall travel and tourism in employment, including jobs related to indirect exports of visitors, the amount of one trillion dollars which is 5.3% of total exports in 2011 is expected to rise by 1.7% in 2012 and by 3. 6% per annum in the period between 2012 and .2022
The report went on to say: investments amounted to travel and tourism industry in 2011 about 734 billion dollars, or 4.9% of the total investment will rise with a rate of 3.5% in 2012 and by 5.6% annually over the next ten years to reach a value of $ 1.3 trillion in 2022 any accounted for 5.1% of the total. The report said that leisure tourism is the largest part of the total global tourism industry as it was formed in 2011, 76% of the value of global GDP, compared with only 24% formed by business tourism.
Domestic tourism also formed 70.5% of GDP, direct travel and tourism industry in 2011 compared with 29.5% for tourism or foreign State.
The report predicted that the proportion of domestic tourism by 3.5% in 2012 and by 4.6% before the .2022
He described the report of the Board World Travel and Tourism in 2011 that he was one of the more years that saw the challenges in the world in the tourism industry, travel, and move the report says that the big challenges facing the travel and tourism industry in the current period is not unprecedented over the past two decades.
The President of the World Council of Travel and Tourism: The recent research conducted by the Council confirms the results of the importance of tourism and travel as a momentum and stability of the economies of the world in general because of their role in providing jobs and economic prosperity as well as facilitating trade and investment between the countries. published by:   Safaga port