Arab Tourism experts and the difficult task

Tourism has become a modern industry major with a special character based upon some of the countries in the national income and the examples are many and varied, perhaps most important, “Spain” In my opinion, that in our Arab region is still the tourism industry lacks a comprehensive vision of the important ingredient, which allow us to become in the ranks of the major in the industry, I wonder where lies the defect to be addressed for the advancement of Arab tourism?!

It’s very dangerous and Arab tourism in the turn of the most dangerous in light of political events experienced by the Arab region, which negatively affect the future of Arab tourism industry, the decline in preparing figures for both the incoming traffic or revenue and stay away from international competition …

This is the position Arab tourism deteriorating current, and to save the tourism industry in the Arab region have sought Dr. “Khaled Rasheed” expert Tourism Saudi citizenship and a group of researchers and interested members of various Arab nationalities mind tourist joint Arab and converged and unified vision for the advancement of tourism as an industry is promising and one of the main pillars of the economy of our region Arabic in the future, if concluded and ratified intentions and reasons rejected and the band rupture.

The bulk of the major goals of the International Society for it to tourism experts Arabs, and also announced through the first conference of the society, which was held in Cairo in mid-July with the blessing of the past and the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and the participation of the Arab League and continued for a period of two days. for more info here: Nile cruises
In my opinion, created an international association of tourism experts Arabs at this time the center of this upheaval Arab, who some like to name it Daisy Arab is critical to more than one reason most notably “to draw attention Arab of the importance of the tourism industry, and seek with all our strength to protect them from this upheaval political ripple by region to preserve the gains of years long work tourism and mobility, “International News”, “The Arab-Arab” to consolidate the thought tourism development and economic in our Arab countries, from the perspective of a comprehensive Performance to the interaction of foreign capital by the Arab, “a European and the U.S.” in the last twenty years and he came to our region to invest and work Abrkiyanat large to take advantage of our natural resources unique tourist, and won many times as pumped from the investment ..

Today, re-calculations again to escape the security to another area of ​​the world, and fed the forces of world capitalism, which sees the tourism industry, the Arab was during the coming few years will pose a real threat to the global tourism industry and compete with the hardest countries hubs of international tourism, which rejects form and substance even to Atzhb revenues of not less than $ 260 billion to the Arab people getting drunk about 25% of global revenues of the global tourism industry, which is estimated at one trillion dollars a year …!
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