The most luxurious and most expensive 10 hotels in the world

In a referendum on the Internet chose a selection of those interested in tourism, hotels, ten hotels from around the world to be on the list of the most luxurious and most expensive hotels in the world. Came on top of the list Hotels in Las Vegas, U.S. (Palace MGM) .. and starred Hotels in this list of the islands of Seychelles, located east of the African continent,

While the list did not include Arab countries only the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai .. The list was as follows:
1 Hotel or Palace. LG. Or. Grand, is located in the city of Las Vegas, United States, and the price of accommodation in which $ 500 per night, which is based luxury designer European-style old and has many features and means of well-being absolute, and most important of which that hotel guests are Asagbalhm at the airport in the city and connect them to the hotel a Rolls Royce !
2 North Island Resort: is located in the Seychelles Islands, and the price of the house for $ 3500 per night, and interesting in this place that all the construction which has been manually by Island North Island residents themselves!
3 resort Vrigat frigate: There on the island of Vrigat Islands, Seychelles, and the price per night $ 2500, and is characterized by this place that is owned by a private businessman German rich Aotohabil, and the strangest Mava this place that room hotel resort containing two toilets, one at home and other outdoor !!
4 resort Tueni me: is located in the area Bartalmi Indies French, and the price of the house in 2090 dollars, per night, this resort features a chalet that each contains its own pool and a satellite phone and two satellite TV online.  more info click here:   Egypt shore excursions

5 resort and protected Sengjit C: This resort is in South Africa and the price of one-night stay at $ 2200, and over what distinguishes it is located in the heart of the bush.
6 Resort and Akkaya dogs: It is also in the Fiji Islands, and the price of house $ 1900 per night, but the minimum days to stay in this fascinating place five days what distinguishes it is located in the heart of the bush.
7 Tortoise Island Resort Turtle Island: Located in the charming island of the Fiji Islands in the Caribbean, and the price of one-night stay in a 1832 dollars, and more Maemezh that each chalet overlooking the hotel directly on the sea, and contains its own swimming pool.
8 hotels and Resort Huka the Edge: Situated in an area Tobubniozhelanda price of $ 1780 a night, and there are waterfalls and wildlife.
9 Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai: The price of the residence of $ 1233 per night, a hotel built on the island of the Gulf, which is built in the form of a giant sail of a ship.
10 Resort Hotel Palm Island, Little Florida beaches in the United States, and the price of hotel accommodation in 1145 dollars per night, and the highlight of this hotel that it is totally forbidden and the presence of clocks, telephones, televisions, and the goal is to provide customers the full calm!   published by:  Egypt holidays