Return of the long Nile cruises «Cairo Aswan» next Sunday

Mr. Hisham Zaazou, Minister of Tourism that  Egypt Nile cruises holidayslong «Cairo Aswan» will carried out on Sunday, August 19 this explaining that he will be invited ambassadors of many countries to participate in this event, pointing out that such flights of a special character and you can attract a large number of  Egypt luxury tours  who can enjoy the river trip may extend for two weeks.
On the other hand received yesterday Mr. Hisham Zazo and Minister of Tourism, both the Ambassador Huseyin Avni Bostaly Turkey’s ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Akef Kunar head of Turkish Airlines (for the Middle East and Cyprus) and Mr. Murad bash vice president of the company where they discussed the desire of the Turkish side to increase the energy carrier Turkish Airlines from Turkey to Egypt, especially to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.Egypt
The Minister of Tourism initiated the meeting by emphasizing the distinguished relations linking Egypt and Turkey and the desire of the Egyptian side to further tourism cooperation with the Turkish side.
For his part, the Turkish ambassador that the Egyptian and Turkish relations and the bonds of a dynamic relationship between the two peoples of Egypt and Turkey extends over many years where share many cultural and civilization links. The Ambassador pointed out that there is a large turnout of Turks to travel to Egypt, the need to increase the energy tanker from Turkey to Egypt to meet this growing demand.
The Minister said tourism to Egypt’s tourism depends mainly on aviation more than any means of transmission other, which underlines the fact that tourism played in cooperation with the aviation referring to the existing cooperation with the Ministry of Aviation and the Minister of Civil Aviation gives priority to the demands of tourism in terms of adoption of the tourism and aviation each other, mainly pointing out that there is already a joint committee between the ministries of Tourism and Aviation is working on the continuous activation of the aspects of cooperation between the two sectors.
He also pointed Zaazou that can be activated further cooperation between the Egyptian and Turkish through promotions common in order to attract more tourists from tourist markets remote (such as the United States and Australia) for both countries as well as the establishment of joint activities in exhibitions and international exchanges tourism that would promote tourism of the two countries.
As the Minister of Tourism, to his last meeting with the Minister of Interior Brigade Ahmed Gamal El Din, who was to emphasize that which will be dealt firmly with all aspects of security chaos and will take all measures to ensure that achieve this.
During the meeting, Minister of Tourism at the meeting the importance of preparations for Egypt the Ministry of Interior in relation to securing tourist areas and the tourist inflow to the success of the season winter tourism next-boot to resume promotion of the outside of the Egyptian tourist destinations, as the two ministers agreed on the need to deal very seriously and in accordance with the law with regard to banditry and all manifestations of chaos security, which adversely affect the tourist influx.
It was agreed that the meeting would be held after Eid al-Fitr holiday will be able to discuss all details with the security leaders and activate all aspects of cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Interior in order to start safely in the promotion of Egypt.