Marketing methods in Egypt

We talk about Egypt luxury tours  marketing … Thought and science and art… I often say and write on this page, we often are far from new ideas in marketing and is still ruled by traditional thinking and remember that we are on this page on visit of U.S. President Obama to Egypt… We said that this visit, they can be an opportunity to increase the promotion and marketing of  Egypt spiritual tours, Egypt meditation holidays

..But we always wasting opportunities.. And talking after the birth… But be prepared to seize opportunities… That is far away thinking about.

I have explained before that the promotion and marketing… Something else. For example, media attention all over the world visit was great too… But more importantly for tourism marketing of the visit or tour of Obama or what is called in English the Obama Tour. And Egyptconverted to tourist programs and specific rates are limited.

Just photos of the visit and the media attention it it kind of promotion and building a positive image of Egypt and its implications and its tourism sector… but it was most important for the specialists is marketing the sense that it should have been there from thinking or even draw tourism companies of the need to turn photos or places visited by Obama to any specific programs are marketed and sold because it was expected to demand much in the tradition of this round the world or its implementation and this is what we call it ..

I was surprised stresses including these words from Dr. Zahi Hawass, who asked him many international figures in the implementation of their desire for a round of Obama Tours the same itinerary of any trip or tour of Obama.

Therefore surprised that Dr. Hawass in the Egyptian tourism companies have not announced such a program, which guarantees the sale price turned out in large and global.

Perhaps what is published in Egyptian newspapers yesterday on the visit of U.S. General of Antiquities of Egypt and request the same itinerary tour of Obama confirms that… and emphasizes the difference between promotion and marketing, is that Antoni to miss the opportunities and do not know anything about marketing as an ideology and as a science and an art and new ideas.

We have read a lot of ideas have been implemented since the beginning of the global financial crisis in Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Britain, such as free tickets to Egypt visit the States, such as activation of domestic tourism campaigns, incentives and offers new and unconventional…

But when we stopped thinking of ideas to stimulate the old traditional charter and joint campaigns, despite the reservations of some of them… Most of this is that the sector does not know about marketing only burn down prices or prices and does not know anything about fair competition and quality in services.

Did not provide one of those responsible for marketing and activation of the Egyptian tourism a new idea or a new program…

Read the report with me, published by The New York Times, United States 10 days ago about the new ideas in marketing should learn from it .. The report says:

Last year, tourism companies struggled to cope with things that were affecting the tourists concerned, such as increased gasoline prices, which led to increase the price of airline tickets.

But those days ago, so beautiful The report of the New York Times a few days ago, deterioration in the global economy since the end of last year made it difficult to travel on tourism from the ground up and not complaining of high prices.

As a result of this take-off on the part of tourists to travel, the airlines, hotels, resorts and other tourism facilities intensify its attempts to lure tourists to travel again.

Says Tony Kortezas vice president of marketing for a well-known hotels in the city of Miami, it is very difficult now to convince tourists change their behavior of refusing to travel in light of the current economic situation.

The hotel started this group a huge propaganda campaign to win over the tourists not only in Miami but to travel to branches in the city of Cancun, Mexico known as the most important tourist city there.

In the campaign group presented a very significant reductions to stay in its hotels, but the group find it difficult given the economic crisis and also because of the emergence of swine influenza virus in Mexico, which led to an unprecedented decline in travel to Mexico.

And other means devised by the Department of Tourism in Islands Kimat a group of islands located in the western Caribbean and keep track of the British crown, to activate its tourism and the means is a movie duration of 90 minutes was filmed there and offers to Egyptthe tourist information illustrated on the islands and is shown the film in the cities of Miami and New York and Tampa, Florida of the United States.

Has been selected these cities because Kimat Airways flies directly from there.

Has other countries such as Panama, for example by using YouTube to make propaganda for the places of tourist and persuade tourists to travel to it after the significant decline as a result of the economic crisis and of course there are financial temptations and opportunities to win prizes and other means of propaganda.

Most of the campaigns, tourism aimed mainly American tourists are therefore directed to U.S. cities and specific message that you say these campaigns that the tourist trip at this stage that have a low number of tourists would be tempting, where will the services and attention and substantial reductions of up to half the price in 2008 almost.

And tourism companies and resorts as well as governments in the use of modern technology of the Internet to YouTube and other to convey their message to potential tourists, urging them to take advantage of this temptation, reductions and Tourism to make a trip now.

Actually the modern tourism marketing in the world right now… The thought and science, art and innovation and new ideas… But we here in Egypt has stopped us at the time many years ago..!