Types of tourism in Sinai

Sinai tourist precious treasure, was discovered part of the world and the flow of the hundreds of thousands annually from around the globe, and still the bulk of this treasure is a lot of growth in Egypt spiritual tours, Egypt meditation holidays


In Sinai combine all the ingredients of successful  Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions

, climate and natural ingredients: land, sea, suitable for all types of tourism, particularly tourism, recreational tourism, such as beaches and diving tourism and water sports on the Gulf of Aqaba and then medical tourism in addition to herbal remedies, especially in Catherine.

Also available in the Sinai elements of many other types of tourism festivals and races and the most famous camel racing and finally the growing importance of cities in the Sinai especially in Sharm el-Sheikh, which hosted more than the global political chief and dozens of specialized conferences other. The Nature Reserve, there is a kind of tourism Egypt on the rise is the scientific tourism… Or what is known as the flora and fauna (i.e., environmental studies, including plant and animal), and between the valleys and mountains of Sinai Sahel safari active and adventure.

Types of tourism in Sinai

Very important to determine your goal of your trip when you mean tourism and the Sinai tourism options open to you and you and we will review the available types of tourism to visitors to the Sinai, whether Arabs or foreigners:

Leisure tourism

Tourism accounts for entertainment’s richest and most types of tourism prevalent in the Sinai to the availability of natural ingredients, which in turn is the result of a richer environment Sinai temperate climate, sandy beaches and rocky on both and the treasures of waters of coral reefs and fish are rare objects and other marine as well as provide the infrastructure for such tourism, which is located centers important in areas of easy communication and transportation on the coast or near the divided and leisure tourism in the Sinai into two parts:

Tourism and beach tourism diving and water sports and resorts on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Beach tourism

Are spread tourism in coastal areas characterized by sandy beaches soft, and along the sea is deep free from rocks and net water, and repeated these specifications in more than one location on the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez, which extends the Mediterranean coast  Rafah in the far east of Sinai, through El-Arish and Sheikh Zayed Road and Lake Bardawil, this beach is characterized by long soft white and water net, and at El-Arish in particular, are spread among the palm so that he knows palm beach.

And Tourism in the beaches of El Arish, in particular high demand especially domestic tourism, as increasing numbers of tourist villages near these beaches.

The beach stage is no less splendor of Ras Sidr, especially in Palm Beach area, a Mnajml tourist areas that combine the cultivation of palm trees and beach trapped
Medical Tourism

Found in the Sinai are many elements of medical tourism especially springs which help to heal many of us for the disease as well as the hot sand soft in many areas which is of great benefit in the treatment of rheumatic diseases as well as the famous province of sinaiSinai, there are many useful herbs in the treatment of many diseases and accepted by tourists especially in the context of the global trend to reduce the use of chemical-based medicines and return to herbal remedies.

The most important elements of medical tourism in the Sinai:

Bath of Pharaoh:

Bath is located at a distance of Pharaoh Nhomaúh kilo meters from the beach the Suez Canal, which is a kind of 15 flow of hot water and steam which fills around the cave carved in the mountain above the beach where the water temperature between 55-75 degrees Celsius. Scientific analysis has shown the possibility of using this mineral water in the healing of many diseases of the chest and the skin and some eye diseases. Are being initiated at a spa area includes an integrated global hotel units and a marina for yachts and places of entertainment, accommodation and hospitalization.

– Bath Moses:

Moses bath is located north of a process of about three kilometers.

– The eyes of Moses:

This site is mentioned in the Koran and the eyes of Moses located about 60 km from the city of Tur, south of Martyr Ahmed Hamdi tunnel.

Medicinal herbs in the Sinai:

Famous Sinai many plants and wild herbs with health benefits large and accept them and ask them tourists, especially in the area of ​​St. Catherine, such as thyme, which addresses the cough and respiratory diseases, and basil, which has positive effects in the treatment of colic and humidity, and wormwood, which reduces colic and expels microbes and Alhndil useful in treatment of rheumatism and Asamoh useful for the treatment of diabetes and skin diseases, and spreading plant is drunk as a natural anesthetic and is said to have therapeutic effects for the heart and muscle contraction and other

Safari and adventure

Geographical composition of the Sinaeadsad the spread pattern is distinct from tourism and adventure safari through the deserts and Sinai Drobwoodaan, and vary routes and objectives of these programs from the safari, some Aottaghely picturesque mountain ranges and the most famous mountains of the area of ​​St. Catherine. The most famous Egypt beachesAljebalalta attract this type of tourism is the so-called Basel Colored Canyon, a mountain surrounded by corridors unique to allow tourists to pass through the adventure of climbing, as well as it is characterized by colors of the rocks brightly and multiple formations exciting, and most famous of these mountains passes a mountain in the valley and Ter near the eye Frtaqh on the road to Nuweiba – Catherine, Mount and other more closely than at Catherine Valley (Aradh), where each of them attracts hundreds of tourists daily for adventure and hiking and spend the day and sometimes overnight.

Tourism races and festivals

Months festivals taking place in Sinai is the festivals and camel races, they are Bedouin sport pure, where demand has been tremendous amount of participants and tourists. And commensurate with the habits and interests of Bedouin Sinai, is associated with this race carnivals wide range of fashion, customs, traditions and folk arts, and holds regular race local and global hybrids in North and South Sinai in the appropriate times each year, especially in the spring.

Scientific tourism

Enjoy the Sinai with many of the elements of scientific tourism and research, including studies of the environment of plant and animal (flora and fauna), especially areas protected by St. Catherine and Ras Mohammed, as well as study the movement of birds and migrations World in Zaranik and the Ras Mohamed, This is the areas with tourism potential especially for amateur water wild or marine