Great hope for tourism depends on the stability and security

This is a new dawn of freedom and democracy.. And great hope for tourism .. Today .. I can only express my pleasure at what happened in Egypt this week.. The Egyptians wrote a new line in the history of their struggle for freedom and democracy, but the motivation has surpassed all expectations, the parliamentary elections, and more owner of this demand, which was a surprise for all observers.. He was accompanied by a state of discipline and security.

Therefore I say very clearly that if continued to the case of parliamentary elections to end this way, this is the strongest what we can offer for the return of the Egyptian tourism or the sense of stronger what we can offer support to the Egyptian economy and the little reader to the pages of Travel & Tourism I wrote on this page in one of my from the London Stock Exchange on Thursday before last, an article titled tourism policy before sometimes, and in the explanation of this address I said in another address that all foreign tourism companies in the face of increased tourism in Egypt men say after the election slogan reach an understanding.
And I said that this logo was given to foreigners when the Egyptians are trying to contract with them to the delegations of Egypt’s new tourism in the coming months, due to fear of foreigners from the security situation in Egypt, which was accompanied expect for the elections of loose security.
But thanks to God, the Egyptians had a strong response on Monday and Tuesday of this week when he insisted on the success of their experience in democratic transition and the emphasis on the success of the parliamentary elections, which means desire in the stability of Egypt and the imposition of safety and security on the boundaries.
What is quoted by the media and satellite channels this week is greater support and stronger marketing of Egyptian tourism, but is the biggest motivation for the return of tourism to Egypt as tourists will feel definitely that we want stability and because tourism, which not only grow with stability on its way to Egypt.
The picture is completed necessarily in the interest of the Egyptian tourism through the success of the elections and sounds reasonable that respect the tourism and respect the rights and interfaith is estimated that tourism in the end is a supplier of important economic state pumps in the arteries of billions of dollars (12.5 billion dollars last year), as well as billions of dollars the other in the form of expenses, directly and indirectly, in the manufacture of other complementary to tourism, and most of all is to provide employment opportunities for millions of Egyptian youth seeking a better life.
The emphasis on the success of the Egyptian elections in the following stages is the stress the people’s desire for democracy, stability and economic growth and the return of tourism.
If the happiness and pride fill the all Egyptians in this new history that they write for democracy, freedom, and we are certainly, we are on the other side as specialists or interested in tourism should not be happy and stop at joy, but that we have an important role must start from the day and led by the Ministry of Tourism The Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Tourism in the various markets and international tourism fairs, but it is now in various international media.
We have entered  Egypt holidays  since the revolution of January 25 crisis or a big drop in numbers and it was because of what appeared in the media and satellite channels about what is happening in the field of editing, what happens from sectarian protests in various parts of Egypt, and that was a cause of fear the former .. Not surprisingly, and we must start now in a campaign to improve the image, the image of Egypt’s youth which caused this revolution. It ought tapped as the first popular revolution in the modern era with such positive momentum, and on the ministry of tourism, specifically dealing with the international media concepts are correct, the concepts agreed upon by all experts, media and advertising, taking into account also that the private sector have to start the implementation of the methods in marketing and promotion, In addition to the efforts of the State.
I remember that I wrote on this page in recent weeks about marketing in light of the crisis and how to manage the crisis more than once, the day the last Thursday was the title of our article on new methods of marketing in light of the crisis, and we have many examples in Europe and America put how to think in marketing in the light of the economic crises and political unrest in the world, did not reduce prices only is the only method, but new ideas and unique services that will attract tourists, and I pointed out that one of the reports in the London Stock Exchange was talking about Egypt and Tunisia in particular, or the so-called revolutions Arab spring, and said that the marketing process Tourism to Egypt must be the exploitation of the revolution that occurred in Egypt and the heroes of young people in the expression of this wonderful democratic experiment.
Was also there’s another article for us on October 13 last address of the directory in the management of the crisis and which we explained the rules developed by the experts the World Tourism Organization to get out of this crisis through the development of media strategies to exit from the crisis depends on the establishment of official bodies such as the Ministry of Tourism here in our case, choosing speakers, good deal with the international media and information is presented to them and to be honest information about the state of tourism in Egypt, for providing excellent services, with emphasis on the state of stability and security, and the emphasis on image-building of the new through the promotion of all that would restore the tourist activity in the next phase, such as new projects and services, call the great writers of the press in the world tourism, as well as tourist and business owners to communicate with them.
I do not want to pre-empt the events, but the pleasure of what happened this week from the success of the first stage of the parliamentary elections Egyptian makes me have feel of pride and that we are moving in the right way to restore the tourism and economic growth and the slogan raised by companies, foreign tourism in the face of the Egyptians was after the elections reach an understanding can respond to it strongly now and tell them we are ready to really understanding.
We are involved and are bent on the stability and security.. We welcome tourists and tourism.. We are a nation and the people of an ancient civilization have a long rooted in the depths of history. We respect all people and all religions and tourism only continues to bridge humanitarian, cultural and friendship and peace.  published by:  Egypt tours

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