Development of Egypt’s historic hotels

What surprised me more in the German capital Berlin. And specifically in the ITB Berlin International Tourism at the beginning of March this is what I heard from some travel agents and hotels in Egypt, the crisis or downturn in bookings foreign tourism coming to Egypt to pay some of the hotels to sell the program “week” in some hotels 5 star, 4 stars Germany to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh euros, or $ 400 up to 500 euros, including the price of the plane and stay overall mean (breakfast + lunch + dinner + drinks).
The source of my surprise that if our opponent is the price of the plane in the range of 300 euros, the remaining € 100 for a hotel to stay overall (sleep + 3 meals) for the whole week.
Is this reasonable?
– I know of course that some people will say that these are the prices tourist groups or individuals unrelated to the price or prices of individual rooms or the Egyptians, which on average up to 1000 pounds per night.
And I say this is already true. But some say also that in these rates are “house comprehensive” destructive tourism, it is a “deadly virus” to tourism income and its components.
There is therefore a system of residence of the overall fight and insists on selling the hotel, I mean the hotel accommodation for tourists away from this system. Although this trend is widespread in a number of major countries in the world of tourism, such as Turkey in certain areas or cities, especially on the beaches. Just as in Egypt is concentrated in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. for more info Safaga port

In general. What I want to talk loudly in today is that there is a tendency in the world rejects this tourism “cheap” or reject this “decline” in prices, because it necessarily followed by a “low” or breakdown in services offered to tourists.
Finds, therefore, some of the top tour operators in the world, hoteliers and owners of travel agencies and airlines that “the rich tourism ‘or tourism,” precious “is still a demanding and its client or its people have a rich and wealthy of the world who travel for fun and recreation. They are already in place. And even run away from places of tourism, “cheap” and travel to their places of private jets and special services to the extent that one of them tourists spend more than a thousand spent by tourists in tourism or groups of tourists “ordinary” or “ordinary people” do not say “poor.”
Experts say that the tourism income of the wealthy or rich is the one who happens balance and the interest of the state in income or profitable economic returns for the benefit of a large state.
Therefore has to be thinking about the continuing interest in the development and hotels and exceptional service that this tourism attracts rich. And may come from here the argument that quality services are in the lead standard in tourism in the coming years. Ie that the more you are able to provide services as a distinct intonation in these services, you can find you a place on the tourism map of the world’s rich tourism or even the upper middle class, which is ultimately for the benefit of the national economy.
From here, go to the news more importantly, who led me this week to write this speech, which I read that the group “Ootkir” global management shortcomings and artifacts hotel in the world will be opened on 6 April next hotel or a masterpiece Palace “Namascar” city of Marrakech, Morocco, the palace, who will live services and quality in the world of hotels in Morocco to a higher level of luxury stunning and superior quality in services, which will provide a private jet for the guests use them immediately after landing at the airport in Casablanca to move out in 30 minutes to Marrakech or any hotel other hotels of the “Ootkir” in New York or Moscow or Dubai.
On this new service “private plane,” said chief executive of the group “Ootkir” Frank Marenbaj: The unique service of the core values ​​of our brand, as well as provide more attention to detail, even the plane as well as luxury hotel is the Falcon 900 of design and Aso and design procedure is inspired Palace of the atmosphere “Namascar” in Marrakesh, where the atmosphere of luxury and stunning property, which includes 14 seats (4 corners of the Gloss + 4 on the dining table +2 sofa can accommodate one for 3 people and all sofas can be converted into a bed).
Is a Palace “Namascar,” which consists of 41 suites and villas on an area of ​​50 thousand square meters of gardens, waterfalls, lakes, and allows guests the experience is not repeated. Hoteliere activity is the first of the “Ootkir” in Africa and the second hotel outside Europe, where it had previously announced the opening of a hotel in Abu Dhabi in 2013.
It is noted that this group “Ootkir” to be linked to luxury and tradition and hotels run by a cultural treasures are preserved for future generations, is a company rooted in European traditions in terms of maintaining the hotel ancient, and committed at the same time look ahead to the future the services of more than a luxury known.
Why write all this talk today?
Why are we talking about all these luxury hotels in the world?
Some might say simply and we our money and money is speech.!
I say this quickly fatal error. This speech in the interest of national economy and luxury this is not me nor you. It is for the rich and wealthy millionaires and present in all the world. And exactly what they will pay will be for the benefit of ordinary people or the poor or the economy.
So why deprive myself, I mean the state of this amazing income?
The whole world is a cheap and dear. We must be present. This is a demanding and tourism its client.
Here, I turn to the most important issue, namely, that in Egypt, hotels, palaces and treasures from the hotel to be preserved such a thought, and must be developed Fendkie to be sold with such amazing prices.
So I am surprised by some when he says no need to spend or development accommodation Egypt Historically, this is a fatal error and this is lost on Egypt millions of dollars from tourism, the development is necessary to keep these hotels for future generations as well as for their ability to provide an income great for the national economy.
There can be the world by such magnificence in services in hotels, luxury, and we try to eliminate them in Egypt.
I read the news Astvzny for Hotel Marrakech to write this speech. And to lament the situation of some of our hotels, which sell at “Teixv.”
I can say that we should not neglect the right of Egypt and its future and seek to Ziad tourism income from rich tourism. These tourism exist in a number of countries in the world and we are not the least of them. Need not wonder or ask for a sum of what we spent for the development as well as a historic hotel in Egypt, such as Cataract Aswan, Luxor or Nterpalas or Cairo Marriott or Roy Menahaws or pyramid. Or even the development of wings in these hotels so that they can sell these suites or rooms in these hotels as we hear about the prices similar in some countries?.
I do not want that provoked some description of what I mean of luxury amazing that we’re talking about, which reaches every cm in the international hotel ancient and or wings in the upholstery, furniture, antiques, etc., and those who want more I will have a price list for the most important and the most expensive and most luxurious suites in the world, so we know their prices and we know where we are of the world?.
1 Royal Penthouse Suite Royal Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, which overlooks Lake Geneva (65 thousand dollars per night).
Suite 2 Sultan Hotel Kempinski in Istanbul on the Bosphorus, Turkey (50 thousand dollars) per night.
3 Presidential Suite Hotel “Raj Palace” in Jaipur, India (45 thousand dollars).
4 Wing Tai Warner Penthouse Four Seasons Hotel New York (41 thousand dollars).
5 Almaritniz penthouse suite hotels in Cannes, France (37 thousand dollars).
6 Palms Palace Suite Resort in Las Vegas (35 thousand dollars).
7 suite in the resort of Grand Ajohnas Athens (34 thousand dollars).
8 Suite Hotel Callaway Volpe Srdina Island (32 thousand dollars).
9 Suite for Akubola Hotel and Westin Excelsior in Rome (30 thousand dollars).
10 Wing Ritz Ritz Carlton in Tokyo (25 thousand dollars).
11 suites Tauz Bridge Hotel Royal Atlantis in the Bahamas (25 thousand dollars).
12 Royal Suite Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai (25 thousand dollars).
13 suite in the Ritz-Carlton Moscow (25 thousand dollars).
14 Suite Hotel Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris (25 thousand dollars).
15 Royal Suite Hotel Four Seasons George V in Paris (16 thousand dollars).
– To stop here. I just want to say that if there were in the world tourism “cheap” there is tourism for the rich and wealthy. These are highly sought. But its merits and its hotels and its services is very large. Must be the historical development of our hotels to be very luxurious to be sold at prices too high for the benefit of the national economy and to preserve it for future generations, they are treasures for the future. And those important national issue or does not accept the argument! for more info