instability of tourism

Known experts and interested in the tourism industry in the world .. that with the beginning of the winter tourism season starts exchanges or so-called global markets, tourism and travel great shape and trends of international tourism over the next year.

It is known that this season starts with the London Stock Exchange’s second-largest market for tourism and travel in the world, followed by other stock exchanges as important as Milan, Madrid and concluded ITB Berlin the stock market first in the world and that London was the first competitor her as she held this year its No. 32 with the participation of more than 160 countries by more than 50 Olvmn who work in tourism, whether in government or the private sector.
The London Stock Exchange famous to be opened next Monday (7 November 10) suburb of Excel in the presence of the leaders of tourism and travel the world and leaders of the World Tourism Organization and a large number of ministers of tourism in many countries amid an atmosphere of optimism and expectations of many that to regain the World Tourism recover, especially in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in the wake of revolutions of the Arab spring. more info here: Nile cruises
Days before the opening of the London Stock Exchange experts stressed that the market or the exhibition or conference is an opportunity for officials in these countries, especially Egypt and Tunisia to re-submit their country to the world, especially companies operating in this area, and to emphasize that the situation returned to normal and that this country welcomes tourists and the eyes countries of the world to the London market for tourism and travel because the market is the ideal place for the promotion of tourist sites in these countries, but more importantly is the signing of deals between companies in the field of tourism and travel.
The statistics revealed that the London market has seen during the last year signed deals in the travel and tourism industry worth £ 1425 .. The poll was conducted among business leaders who participate in the market that 89% of them they will sign deals during the events of 2011 worth more than what happened in 2011.
And 70% of them said they expect an increase in the value of deals, including at least 10% compared to last year. While 48% said that the increase will be between 10 and 25% from .2010
Amid the optimism among key actors in the market, there are expectations that the new session is the largest in the history of the London market in terms of deal value and number of participants as well as in terms of deal value and number of participants, as well as in terms of adult guests.
The current session is particularly important given the large preparations undertaken by the management of the market in order to come out in the best shape events and the best result.
Will be Monday, November 7th is the day of the opening of the market, where the opening will be Minister of Culture, Jeremy Hunt, the British. Will be organizing a big party will participate Chairperson market Fiotta Jeffrey submitted axes British television the famous Stephen Saker then start after so many events, seminars and activities, and will be the most important activity in this first day is to reveal the results of the report prepared by experts in the market on the status of tourism and travel in .2010
But the second day of the tourism market and travel (Tuesday, November 8) will see the summit tourist involving a large number of ministers of tourism in the world and sponsored by the World Tourism Organization and the London market for tourism and travel, and discusses the headlines is: How can check the tourism boom in time to Aatzm stability. This will be the first Summit of Ministers of Tourism in the world after the revolutions of the Arab spring.
It is scheduled to participate in this summit, Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism and his counterparts in Russia and South Africa, Mexico and Jambia, Greece, Jamaica, Norway, in addition to the number of heads of tourism organizations in other countries. more info here:
As a complement to the summit .. On the third day of the London Stock Exchange will be the market leaders on a date with a number of other events and activities, there is a link between them and the Mcidor at the top of Tourism Ministers, there is a symposium on the future of tourism in the Middle East and North Africa, looking Symposium problems facing the region now after the revolutions of Arab spring and declining growth in tourism, will speak at the symposium Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, a Jordanian origin and a large number of experts.
Experts point out that the Middle East and in Egypt was made in the fastest growth in tourism during the years of the first decade of the twenty-century atheist which he visited about 24 million in 2000, bringing the figure to 60 million in 2010 revenues reached $ 50 billion ..
Then see the London Stock Exchange Seminar for the change in the event of travel and tourism, in these difficult times experienced by the world, which affect on tourism, there is pressure to change the travel industry so they can keep pace with these changes .. Experts say that the tourism industry does not have to be changed, but also develops and updates itself.
It is important to the London Stock Exchange will see a number of seminars, conferences, dialogues and transactions .. As the second largest bourse in the world after tourist Berlin .. This means that we have plenty of time to see, hear and communicate with the audience in the London Stock Exchange .. To convey to the reader pages Travel Maémh all about tourism in the world and Maém Egyptian tourism for a better future. more info here: