Back Of «Titanic». The charm of the past and the madness of Tourism

Countries of the world that want to be labeled as a tourist countries in the case of a continuous increase in the number of degrees that the ITB Berlin International Tourism recent (2012), which was held in March this year the number of States participating in 178 countries. All of these countries suffered the tourism base and means of attractions enjoyed by hoping to capture some of the numbers of tourists in the world.
Of course, not a secret that in recent years and may we say the last twenty years have seen fierce competition between all countries of the world to attract tourism in the hope to support their economies and the provision of hard currency and jobs for their sons, as the tourism of the most labor-intensive industries and the most ability to provide employment opportunities.
We can imagine that the number of tourists in the world today, according to the World Tourism Organization figures, about one billion tourists are investigating nearly a trillion dollars other than the expenses of air transport, of course (in 2010 the number of tourists in the world 935 million and income of 850 billion dollars)
In this context, we can say that the world or the world tourist arrived in the «passion» Tourism, a state of strong desire to attract more numbers to what could we call a case of «mad» the importance of tourism to support the economy and create jobs, and here is the competition between these countries « sharp »Pat and everyone strives to create new ideas to market his country is no longer a reliable to traditional ideas such as publications or participate in exhibitions and only.
But that everyone is heading to the non-traditional ideas or trying to excellence in providing tourist services in response to attempts by some to resort to lower prices to attract international tourist traffic. And reached countries with advanced marketing thought to a basic rule says that it is not only lower prices live or thrive tourism and seeking to raise prices through excellence in service is the most powerful way to attract more international tourist traffic.
Consequently, the world tourism in light of competition or passion tourism to new ideas and we hear from many years ago for conference tourism and tourism and golf tourism and medical tourism safari.
The last thing we are in front of new ideas is the interest Bahq some people or intellectuals or tourists of history and charm of the past and the day time, beautiful as they say, before it enters the world in wars and conflicts of modern and we want today to talk about a new paradigm in the marketing of tourism called Tourism «historical events» or re- representation of events and history in its impressive new idea in the end provide excellent services and breathtaking.
Form which we mean is what we read in the days on the return trip the good «Titanic» by building a new ship in the same old specifications and all that has been associated with catastrophic Cried from the world at that time.
It contemplates the marketing of this idea is impressive arrived to the point of the announcement of the trip for months and the announcement that it will take part in are the descendants of the victims and they would wear the same old clothes and eat the same food they eat their victims before drowned that they announced it will offer the same meal recent address victims «Last Supper» of 20 items with the same quality of food and the number of dishes and a cost of about two thousand dollars per capita, as well as providing the same meal in restaurants in London and Hong Kong and held auctions for some of the pieces in New York and ideas of marketing are enormous and new invented tourism company, which announced the organization of this journey to live a tourist conditions the same historical film and the end of the famous film, which impressed all the world and the images of this trip or this ship dramatically stunning.
Thus, the company raised the charm of the past that the associated rights and the madness or passion rights to tourism and fun and made from behind the huge gains through innovative ideas and services very distinguished talked about all over the world in recent weeks and given to those who would like to tourist attractions a model for innovation and thinking hard and not to rely on lower prices and only in attracting tourism, but that new ideas are the strongest way of excellence for more tourism
I go back and tell new terms have entered the world of tourism and travel during the past few years, such as the search for new and innovative means to attract tourists.
It is tourism «revolutions», which depends on attracting tourists to the fields and main squares, which has seen revolutions spring Arab such as Tahrir Square in Cairo, through tourism «disaster», which depend on the increased publicity campaigns to attract tourists to areas which had witnessed global catastrophes such as areas «tsunami» in Indonesia , comes to us Tourism «historical events», which depends on the re-enactment grave events occurred throughout history in order to attract many tourists and the like that has happened this week of celebrations of the centenary of the disaster, the sinking giant «Titanic» on April 14, 1912, which killing more than 1,500 people sank immediately.
In return for the representation of this disaster exactly, sailed English «Balmoral» in the package tour memorabilia from Britain to go the same route taken by Titanic hundred years ago, and was most of the passengers on board were relatives of the victims who died in the disaster, was held a memorial ceremony also on board the ship «Balmoral» in the same location as the sinking of the ship «Titanic».
She met a British ship with another American vessel is «Journey» in the same location as the sinking of the ship at a distance of 400 miles of the «Newfoundland» in the United States, a place which lies the wreckage of the ship.
According to news agencies that it is interesting in the matter is that the organizers of these trips restored to recall the same events journey “Titanic,” where they asked the passengers to wear the same old clothes which were worn in the early last century, was organized in the same concerts and paragraphs art and entertainment, which was held on board the ship Titanic before it sank, so that new passengers live the same atmosphere that preceded the sinking of the ship date.
– It remains to say that the goal of talking about the return trip the ship or the representation of «Titanic» not ruminate, such as grief and memories. It is also made it clear that talk about new ideas in marketing and tourism services and excellence in all that would be supported by tourism, which add to the economy. Tourism is not that cheap of the species «residence comprehensive», which do not support as far as destroying the elements of tourism over the years.
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