Workers’ rights to tourism in South Sinai wasted protected from the oppression of hoteliers

South Sinai:
Real suffering experienced by workers in Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions sector and hotels in southern Sinai, especially in major tourist cities, a Sharm el-Sheikh is this suffering in fear of permanent separation from work and demobilization without warning and there does not have much protection from the oppression of some hotel owners and tourist resorts and companies operating under the name of the tourism sector which is weaker than the skill of workers in this vital sector, which depends primarily on their experiences.
Initially confirmed Labib Ezzat Tawfik one working with major tourist hotels located in the North Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh and at the age of 13 years he was subjected to great pressure no one can be borne by his own words, despite the demise of oppression and enter Egyptian era freedoms after the revolution, and he adds some time ago was Egypt compulsory to submit my resignation so that I can do after that in any other tourist facility without distorting my dignity without to get on the end of service gratuity. For his part, expert tourism in southern Sinai Fikry Taher Zanaty that there many problems facing workers in various sectors of tourism and liberal professions of support for the sector are all working under the pressure of myself terribly, a so-upon fear of the future because they were ending or dismissed from service and demobilization unlawfully.
He announced that during the past few months has a famous tourist resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh to separate and lay off a number of managers of the resort, despite their commitment to work and experience of not less than 10 consecutive years without commit a sin or even notice.
The reason for this is that some owners of hotels, resorts and tourism companies in Sharm el-Sheikh devised during the last period of a new policy which is to get rid of most of the cadres and tourist known men «first row» who have spent more than 10 years of work For the facility and due to the high monthly salaries of up to two thousand pounds basic salary plus a percentage of the 12% of the total return of tourist and hotel occupancy and service fee established for up to 4 thousand pounds a month.
He called for legislation law that regulates the relationship between workers and owners of tourist establishments to be texts known and agreed upon by all parties and there will be a third party faithful on the rights of workers supervise the application of this law with a structured mechanism protects workers from the oppression of some owners of hotels and resorts in the case of violating the provisions of this law and that there is a new correct path of manpower and training and social security where we have to understand that the labor law was enacted to save the interests of workers and owners together.
As well as the need to establish a special union for workers in the tourism sector and support services and overlapping in the tourism industry under the so-called «working in private tourism professions and that there is no union for workers in the tourism sector only union tour guides which specializes only tourist.
Followed by Ahmad Back and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Manpower in southern Sinai, saying that workers in the tourism sector face a package of problems mostly material and focused after the revolution and the recession tourism witnessed by the sector in low numbers of tourists, including reflected negatively on the rate of occupancy Egypt hotel and tourist and entry workers monthly profits annual.
Back explained that most of the problems that consideration Manpower offices at the county level lies in the exchange rate of the 12% service fee and claim profits monthly annual vacations and sick.
He denied on the demobilization of the 25% of employment in the tourism sector where most of the hotels were keen to retain them and if you have some hotels laid off employees always are installed employment ‘probation’.
However, I agree on wasting the rights of all workers not in South Sinai only but in Egypt generally, but we stand with the worker as the weaker party in order to preserve their rights while protecting the facility and continuity in the work as contributing to the national income of Egypt and we have held 65 seminar and meet with staff and activate Commission social dialogue as part of the project social dialogue adopted by the International Labor Organization, and is designed to activate the dialogue between the three parties are the worker and employer and government and committed all hotels and villages and tourist companies to form a committee for social dialogue to work to prevent any congestion or crowds of workers within enterprises and speed work on resolved so as not to appear before workers tourists of the pioneers of these facilities badly.