El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt

El Gouna is a resort located on the Red Sea coast in the province of the Red Sea in Egypt. And prepared by some of the outskirts of Hurghada, but away from Hurghada International Airport is 22 kilometers to the north, and developed by Orascom Hotels and Development starting from the year 1990. On a group of islands, also resort is 470 km from Cairo.
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Featuring El Gouna being the location for the dive in the depths and water sports different, and no resort Hatian two main beach “olive Beach” The Beach “Mangerovi Beach”, and permeates the resort a large number of water channels, which makes each house or a villa or chalet in the resort beach of its own, and most of these canals built by a small stone bridges to facilitate movement.

There are six districts in El Gouna is the neighborhood “Marina Town,” “neighborhood of the Mediterranean”, “neighborhood golf”, “neighborhood Nubian”, “Plateau neighborhood” and “neighborhood Italian”. There are also three areas of major central El Gouna located the homes, shops and shopping areas, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are the Down El Gouna, HurghadaTown area of ​​the field going through Hannah and the Marina Abu Tig, which is being developed to receive the yachts large size, and no radio station FM Variety at the resort is “Radio El Gouna “There are 14 hotels resort of El Gouna from grades 4 to 5 stars in addition to the 6-star hotel will open in the summer of 2008. It runs near Abu Tig Marina in the resort, there is also a marina for yachts is another Abydos Marina.

El Gouna has hosted international competitions organized by the Fred Couples Golf, which carry the number one rating in the game previously.

There is also a hospital in El Gouna integrated processing and there are also a school of EGIS and a small airport and the resort’s private jets and private planes “charter.”

There Paljona also a small museum contains about 90 before it opened in 1990. The gallery also contains displays of contemporary Egyptian artist Hussein Picard.

Also opened the president’s wife Suzanne Mubarak of Egypt in May 5, 2008 m. Embassy of the library of knowledge, a sophisticated digital library is mainly associated with the Library of Alexandria, and left untouched from the archives, books, documents and data.